SAGE: Green Modular Classrooms

SAGE Smart Academic Green Environment

Portland State University

With increasing enrollments and larger classroom sizes, we understand your school district’s need for a healthy classroom option for every child. School buildings are popping up all across the country, and with them comes more construction, more energy being consumed, and more dollars being spent. All of this use of time and resources begins to add up, and eventually, a new solution is needed. That’s why Satellite Shelters, Inc. has partnered with Portland State University to supply a truly innovative learning environment called the SAGE Classroom.

SAGE stands for Smart Academic Green Environment. SAGE is striving to be the future of how people view classrooms and what they can do. This new green modular classroom combines the latest thinking in healthy educational settings with the best in green building practices and promises to be a truly affordable and sustainable alternative to the status quo.

Green portable classroom exterior  SAGE: Exterior View

SAGE is healthy, flexible, and sustainable.

Typically, green modular classrooms are not just a temporary solution for school districts, but a plan to supply classrooms that last for many years. This longevity has a lot of promise for school districts that are looking to replace their typical classrooms with something that’s easier on the environment and their budget. That’s why the SAGE green portable classrooms were developed to enhance the learning experience, increase the building’s life cycle, and reduce maintenance costs. School districts are in constant need for long-term solutions, and the SAGE classroom design is synonymous with longevity and reliability.

As for the math, here are a few numbers to consider: SAGE Classrooms can house 25-30 students, can last 30-40 years, use 45% less energy, and take 1/3 less time to build.

Green modular classroom interiorSAGE: Interior View

What’s so unique about SAGE?

  • Innovative Modular Design that increases flexibility and reduces both site infrastructure and environmental impact.
  • Up to 4x more window area than a standard portable classroom, allowing more natural light to filter into the building.
  • Improved HVAC systems that contribute to significant energy savings and generate 3x the fresh air.
  • Aluminum windows, bio-based flooring, and non-VOC paint to eliminate toxins.
  • Interior cork walls and exterior writing surfaces to accommodate multiple teaching styles.
  • Higher, sloped ceilings that allow for an open classroom setting.
  • Steel construction for a better-built building that can withstand several relocations.

With shrinking budgets, aging buildings, and fluctuating enrollments, school districts are turning to green portable classrooms to complement their brick and mortar facilities. The environment around us no longer calls for traditional learning environment and classrooms. The future is changing, and classrooms are changing with it. The SAGE Classroom offers the flexibility of re-locatable classrooms, the affordability of modular construction, the desirability of a healthy learning environment, and the sustainability of green building materials — all in an award-winning design.

Visit our YouTube channel and see the SAGE Classroom in action.

SAGE: Because every student deserves a healthy classroom.

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