Modular construction and prefabricated buildings can benefit public or private corporations, families, schools, churches, small businesses, and other groups.  These buildings help organizations save time, money, and energy during emergency situations and for everyday use. Modular buildings are now playing a larger role, especially as technological advances broaden possibilities for new applications.

Technological Advances

The modular construction industry has more tools than ever at its disposal to streamline the building process, including drones and BIM technology. Drones aren’t only for delivering small packages and creating travel videos. These days, they provide engineers, architects, and other construction pros with new views of their work. With building information management (BIM) technology, builders and stakeholders alike can access a 3D model of a building. BIM allows builders and planners to analyze and document the construction process while demonstrating how the final product will be used.

Improved Technology Brings Industry Advancements

This new technology allows the modular construction industry to continue innovating in new and exciting ways. Prefabricated buildings offer efficiency, sustainability, and affordability in a nearly limitless variety of settings. While ideal for urban and suburban areas, this type of construction is also well-suited to sites located far from city centers.  The very nature of modular construction means building components are constructed in factories and assembled on site, creating new possibilities for lower costs and little to no waste. Construction crews also benefit with less required travel time and improved employee safety.

Satellite: The Future of Modular Construction

Modular construction offers smart solutions for a wide range of needs.  They provide safe workspaces faster than constructing conventional structures. Recent innovations promise to improve every aspect of the building process for greater safety, speed, and affordability. Satellite Shelters is proud to be part of this exciting industry. Contact us today to find out how you can enjoy the many benefits of modular buildings.