Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I contact Satellite?

This is the most important FAQ asked to resolve your space needs – simply:

Call us at 800-453-1299
Request A Quote
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A qualified Satellite Representative would be happy to assist you in all your space solutions!

Satellite Shelters can provide a wide range of Value Added Products depending on your needs. If you have a special need that we don’t have listed, please ask and let us provide you with a quote. The following are options that we can currently provide:

  • Smart Panel, also known as LP Masonite, is a wood product with grooves
  • .019 Aluminum
  • Hi-Rib Steel
  • Hardi-panel, which can be smooth or textured
  • In some cases vinyl siding or raw gypsum can also be finished on site with brick, stone, or whatever material is desired

Skirting is an optional exterior finish that surrounds the bottom of a mobile office, construction trailer, classroom, etc. It’s typically made with the same finish as the exterior siding of the building and spans from the underside of the building to the ground. Skirting is site installed after the unit is blocked and leveled and involves building a wood frame to support the skirting. Finishes for skirting include Smart Panel, Plywood, Aluminum, Hi-Rib Steel, Vinyl, or Lattice. Click here to see an example of a construction office with skirting.

A mansard is an extension of the exterior wall at the roof line. A typical mansard is 24” tall by 2” wide and is used for aesthetic purposes.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

A Blocking Plan provides the load information and the locations of required supports for your building.

A Foundation Plan includes the information from a Blocking Plan, but also provides foundation and pier details for your building. The Foundation Plans and Tie-Down Plans are usually combined.

A Tie-Down Plan provides the required tie-down locations for your building in order to resist wind loads. The Foundation Plans and Tie-Down Plans are usually combined.

Counties and parishes have local code enforcement agencies that require most clients to get a permit. A client should always check with the local agencies before bringing the building on site. The local agency will provide detail forms and requirements in order for the client to obtain a permit.

Satellite’s policy requires prepayment for the entire term of the rental. In addition, we require insurance coverage on special event and short term rentals. We do not offer Damage Waivers on these types of rentals and Insurance Certificates must be received and approved prior to the delivery of your temporary building.

Following the completion of your initial rental term, you may continue on a month-to-month basis or extend the term for a specific amount of time. In the event you are continuing beyond the original term, the rental rate and dismantle/return charges may be adjusted to reflect current market conditions. Please contact your Local Satellite Representative for more information and to request a quote.

Your job-site should have easy access for install and removal of your construction trailer / mobile office and should be flat, level, and clear of any debris.

Due to availability and site preparation, it is preferred that you check with your Local Satellite Representative for a delivery quote. They will provide you with instructions on what is necessary prior to having your construction trailer / mobile office delivered.

We use a “Toter” to deliver your building to your job-site, which is a specially designed tracker trailer.

Please check with your Local Satellite Representative for your city’s local specifications. Typically, 220V, single phase is standard, but can vary depending on the size of your building and your city’s local requirements.

Typically these items are left on unless you want to skirt the building or the building’s usage is permanent. If your building is permanent, then the tires, axles, and hitches can be removed and stored underneath the building. Please contact your Local Satellite Representative for available options and more details.

Your lease includes service calls by Satellite Shelters and its authorized subcontractors for repairs resulting from routine wear and tear of the building and equipment, not including HVAC filters, fire extinguishers, and light bulbs. Please also refer to the User Agreement and Service Guide placard that is provided with each rental for additional information.

If you should experience any problems with your mobile office or modular building, simply call us toll free at 800-453-1299. We will respond to your request promptly and work to complete the repairs as soon as possible. Please also refer to the User Agreement and Service Guide placard that is provided with each rental for additional information.

Yes, we accept credit cards. A processing fee may be added to your order/invoice.

Yes, we accept electronic (EFT) payments.