Custom-Built, Blast Resistant Operator Office

March 12, 2018 in Blast Resistant Buildings
Custom Blast Resistant Fire Suppression System

When an industrial plant in Texas needed an office for their operators, they called When an industrial plant in Texas needed an office for its operators, they called on Satellite Shelters to customize a blast resistant module (BRM) to help keep their employees safe and efficient. Here’s an example of how our modular buildings can be tailored to your unique circumstances.

Safe and Space-Efficient Blast Resistant Module

Custom Blast Resistant Module Exterior

This custom 12×40 BRM was built using all steel-welded construction, designed and engineered for an 8-psi blast rating and 200 ms duration. Its blast resistant doors were moved to the long side of the building to maximize the space available for employees inside the module.

Custom Blast Resistant Interior     Custom Blast Resistant Interior

The custom interior features:

  • A private office with a built-in desk and custom overhead cabinets.
  • A full kitchenette complete with countertops, custom cabinets, sink, stove, and oven.
  • An open work area with a second desk and additional overhead cabinets.

Custom Blast Resistant Fire Suppression System

The 4-ton HVAC system includes pressurization and was outfitted with a Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) safety switch. The fire detection system is equipped with a smoke detector, indoor horn strobe, and C1D2 outdoor fire alarm. A remote annunciator was also included for transmission of the alarms to any external building.

Quality Blast Resistant Modular Buildings from Satellite

Satellite Shelters has an award-winning safety program and is an approved vendor with companies and refineries across the United States. Available in a variety of different sizes and custom configurations to suit your workplace needs, our blast resistant modules:

  • Adhere to Standard RP-753 guidelines.
  • Are backed by a team of petroleum industry experts.
  • Are Avetta-qualified.
  • Are engineered with employee safety in mind.

Learn more about blast resistant modular buildings today, or contact a local Satellite Shelters branch near you.

Post updated August 18, 2020.