Satellite Shelters Modular Buildings in Bismarck, ND

For schools, construction companies, general contractors, and other businesses in Bismarck, ND, seeking temporary or semi-permanent offices, modular buildings are a cost-effective solution that can be deployed quickly. Satellite Shelters provides modular construction to Bismarck, ND, and beyond, including the rest of North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, the majority of South Dakota, northern Iowa, and western Wisconsin. Whether you need a lunchroom, office space, or a temporary classroom during a school renovation, we provide additional space that will help your business succeed.

Modular buildings aren’t just a versatile way to add temporary space to your existing business infrastructure. Modular construction is also great for permanent and semi-permanent buildings, too. In addition to providing great space for offices, classrooms, and healthcare services, modular construction has a similar level of quality to traditional construction methods in a fraction of the time. Because our facilities can be delivered and furnished quickly, they are a preferred option for disaster recovery and temporary job-site offices.

Satellite Shelters offers unparalleled service and the right mix of affordable, quality modular building products. Learn more about how our flexible financing plans can help meet your time and budget needs; contact us today to learn why Satellite Shelters in Bismarck, ND, is The First In Space.

Modular buildings near Bismark, ND

Address: 303 Bisman Road
Mandan, ND 58554
Toll Free: (800) 453-1299
Phone: (701) 214-6999
Fax: (763) 420-2034

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Meet Our Bismarck Sales Team!

JeffSeamansJeff Seamans
Branch Manager

“I have enjoyed drawing from my years of commercial construction experience and applying it to the diverse projects that Satellite works on. Having experience in the field and a degree in construction management have given me valuable insight into the challenges our customers face on-site. Whether we are providing office space for a wind farm or adding additional classroom space for a school, my goal is to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the process and the end result.”

“Having retired from the military after 22+ years, it was refreshing to be able to transition into a great company like Satellite Shelters. They use honesty, integrity, and commitment in their daily routine, whether it is for our customers or the employees. As the operations manager in Mandan, ND, I look forward to serving you.”

Randy Schonberger from SatelliteRandy Schonberger
Operations Manager

MattLawellinMatt Lawellin
Sales Representative

“Being a sales representative at Satellite is much more than selling, it is finding space solutions for our customers that provide the best outcome for their projects, whether it’s a short-term rental or a permanent structure. Every day, there will be challenges, but it’s our ability to solve those challenges that sets us apart. I have been with Satellite since 2015 and enjoy being part of a team that puts the customer first.”

“I joined the Satellite family in early 2017 and brought a background in construction equipment rental. I pride myself in going the extra mile for my customers in order to assist in getting their projects complete. My customers’ satisfaction and the ability to solve their problems are what drive me. Satellite’s support of this important value is what brought me here.”

Billy Sevchek with SatelliteBilly Sevchek
Sales Representative

Jeremy Zaayer with Satellite

Jeremy Zaayer
Sales Representative

“Since I first joined Satellite Shelters in 2016, I’ve used my years of consulting experience to help my customers find everything they need for their job sites and classrooms. Satellite Shelters in Minneapolis takes pride in having the best service and the newest fleet in the industry, which is why I joined the Satellite family in the first place. When my customers are happy, I’m happy.”