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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile & Modular Buildings

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Invoices & Payments

  • I have a question about my invoice. Who do I contact?
    For questions on your invoice, please call (763) 553-1900. Have your account representative’s name, your C# and Invoice # ready. This information can be found on your invoice.
  • Can I continue to rent beyond my original contracted rental term?
    Yes! Satellite Shelters will continue your rental contract at the current rate on a month-to-month basis. If you wish to extend the term for a specific amount of time, please contact your Local Satellite Representative. With Satellite Shelters you aren't penalized for extending your rental contract, so there's no need to worry about rate hikes when you extend your contract.
  • What Payment Options does Satellite offer?
    Satellite Shelters’ payment method options include ACH & paper checks. Contact your account rep for details on how to pay your invoices: (763) 553-1900.
  • What is a Finance Lease?
    A finance lease with Satellite Shelters is when the lessee intends to purchase and take title of the equipment. Set monthly payments can include building only or all included costs, such as the cost of installation. The financing is a full payout contract with no penalty or benefit to early pay off.
  • What is an Operating Lease?
    An operating lease with Satellite Shelters is when the lessee is unsure if they intend to purchase or take title of their mobile or modular building. This financing option is a full payout contract with a residual or balloon payment at the end of the lease or the option to return the building. The lessee may discuss with their local Satellite representative, the option of extending the lease or changing the lease to another operating or finance lease.
  • What is a Municipal Lease?
    A municipal lease is a special kind of IRS sanctioned financial instrument that is tax-exempt. This type of lease allows qualifying government entities to acquire essential-use equipment at a low interest rate with the intent to purchase and take title to the equipment. The financing is a full payout contract with no significant residual or balloon payments at the end of the lease term.
  • Can I Lease a Used Mobile Office?
    Most states and counties allow leasing of Mobile Offices. Leasing options are available based on the lessee’s credit, the used building and the delivery address. Finance terms must be  12, 18 or 24 month with the intent to purchase and take title.
  • Can an Operating Lease be used for a New or Stock Mobile Office?
    Yes. Your local sales representative can discuss the factors that will determine the type of lease, term and what can be included in your lease-purchase. Contact your local sales rep for more details.
  • Should I rent or lease my mobile office?
    The decision to rent or lease your Mobile Office or Modular Building typically depends on how long you plan to occupy the building and what the building will be used for.  Read our blog for helping weigh the options of rent, lease or purchasing your mobile office. If you still have questions, Satellite’s local experts can point you in the right direction for your company.
  • Maintenance & Service

  • How do I get my building serviced?
    Call your local Satellite rep to get your building serviced. Call (800) 453-1299 or send us an email to
  • What kind of maintenance am I responsible for?
    The majority of your responsibility is to keep your building free of damages that may result in additional charges and includes: properly setting your thermostat, replacing air filters, heat taping water lines, cleaning, checking the roof etc... The Use & Service Guide found inside your mobile office has a detailed description of the types of maintenance you are responsible for per your rental contract. It is also important to use chair mats on the floor and not to use tape on the walls. Read our blog on mobile office maintenance for more details.
  • How do I change my HVAC filter?
    1. Check the filter size - located on a sticker inside the unit or on the HVAC panel.
    2. Remove screws from the outside panel.
    3. Pull existing filter out.
    4. Place your new filter in & write the date on the side of the filter.
    5. Replace the panel and reinsert the screws.
    Check out this simple how to video on changing your HVAC filter: How to Change the HVAC Filter on Satellite Shelters Mobile Offices
  • How often do I change my HVAC filter?
    Every 30 days is standard for replacing your HVAC filters. If you’re in a dusty or dirty environment, you may need to replace them more often.
  • What if there’s a leak in my unit?
    Report all leaks to Satellite immediately. Call (800) 453-1299 to speak to a rep from your local sales office.
  • How do I avoid damage charges?
    Complete an on site physical inspection at time of delivery, use a protective floor mat, do not use tape or adhesive fasters on the wall, do not make any modifications without Satellite approval, replace HVAC filters as required, protect any water lines from freezing. Read our general maintenance of your mobile office here.
  • What if I lost my keys?
    Un-returned keys will result in a $50 charge to replace the lock(s).
  • Why aren’t the lights in my unit working?
    Make sure the unit is hooked up to 220 volt power and the main breaker is on at the breaker panel.
  • Why are some of my lights working and others aren’t?
    Check that all switches are in the full on position. Double check that the bulbs have not become loose during transit.
  • Why are all the fluorescent bulbs flickering?
    It can take a little bit for the lights to warm up. If they don’t stop after a few minutes, check that your switches are fully in the on position and your bulbs are all tight.
  • Other FAQ

  • What is a Mansard?
    A mansard is an extension of the exterior wall at the roof line. A typical mansard is 24” tall by 2” wide and is used for aesthetic purposes.
  • What is a Mateline?
    The mateline is the section where two ends of separate modules meet.
  • What industries do you serve?
    The short answer is…any! Our most common service industries include: construction, education, industrial, government and medical.
  • What if I have a special event where I only need a temporary building for a few days?
    Satellite’s policy requires prepayment for the entire term of the rental. In addition, we require insurance coverage on special event and short term rentals. We do not offer Damage Waivers on these types of rentals and Insurance Certificates must be received and approved prior to the delivery of your temporary building.
  • Can I return my building early?
    Call your local Satellite office to schedule the pickup of your unit.
  • How far in advance do I need to rent my building?
    Renting your equipment sooner, rather than later, helps ensure you have the space you need available on your job site when you need it. If possible, a minimum of 30 days is preferable.
  • What if I don't know how long I need my Mobile Office for?
    If you're not sure how long you may need your Mobile Office Trailer, we can work with your best guess. We provide quotes to help you budget and figure out what's best for your company.
  • Can I put a sign on my mobile office?
    To avoid any damage charges, speak with your local representative prior to adding signage to your mobile office.
  • Can I have WiFi/Internet in my trailer?
    You can have WiFi connected to your mobile office. Contact a local provider to have it set up for you.
  • Delivery & Site Preparation

  • What does HVAC stand for?
    HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • How do I prepare my site for delivery?
    Your site needs to be clear of debris, level and have a solid foundation. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you have utility hook ups, that a delivery truck can access the site and you have steps or ramps to access your unit. Read our article for detailed site prep.
  • How is the construction trailer/mobile office delivered to my job-site?
    We use a “Toter” to deliver your building to your job-site, which is a specially designed truck.
  • What does a level site mean?
    A level site means that there is no more than 1” change in elevation over 10’ – 12’ in any direction. See our Level Site Review Sheet.
  • Can I get a mobile office delivered to my location?
    Satellite delivers mobile and modular building products to the lower 48 states. Contact a Satellite Shelters location near you to schedule a mobile office or modular building delivery.
  • What if I can’t connect to a sewer at my location?
    Satellite can provide a number of sanitation options on your site along with waste removal and service. Type of sanitation options include:
    • Portable restrooms
    • Holding tanks & water systems
    • Restroom trailers
    • Portable sinks and washing stations
    Ask your local expert about sanitation options for your jobsite.
  • How quickly can I have a construction trailer/mobile office delivered?
    Due to availability and site preparation, it is preferred that you check with your local Satellite representative for a delivery quote. They will provide you with instructions on what is necessary prior to having your construction trailer / mobile office delivered.
  • What happens to the tires, axles, and hitches?
    Typically, these items are left on unless you want to skirt the building or the building’s usage is permanent. If your building is permanent, then the tires, axles, and hitches can be removed and stored underneath the building. Please contact your Local Satellite Representative for available options and more details.
  • Do I need to provide a site plan?
    While a site plan isn’t required, providing your sales rep with a layout of the delivery location can help simplify delivery. A site plan gives drivers a clear idea where to deliver your building, logistics of setting the unit and ensure that you’ll have the proper utilities and hook ups to support you building.
  • Where is the best place to have my trailer set?
    A trailer can be set just about anywhere that is level & accessible to our delivery trucks. When deciding where to have your unit set, also keep in mind the availability of utilities that need to be connected as well. Otherwise, your unit can be set where it makes the most sense for the efficiency of your operation.
  • Permits, Coding & Insurance

  • Are your buildings coded for my state?
    Our buildings can be coded for one or multiple states depending on use and location. Speak with your local expert to find a building for you.
  • Do I need a permit for my Mobile Office?
    Counties and parishes have local code enforcement agencies that require most clients to get a permit. A client should always check with the local agencies before bringing the building on site. The local agency will provide detail forms and requirements in order for the client to obtain a permit.
  • Do I Need a Permit for my Modular Building?
    Yes. Your local government office will require building and occupancy permits just like with traditional construction. Clients should always check with their local agencies before bringing a modular building on site.
  • Services

  • What is a Foundation Plan?
    A foundation plan includes the information from a blocking plan, but also provides foundation and pier details for your building. The foundation plans and tie-down plans are usually combined.
  • What services does Satellite provide?
    Satellite is a full-circle modular space provider which means we can supply the modular building as well as several other services related to the upkeep of the module itself. Check out our services here. Check out our services here. Services vary by market so be sure to check with your local Satellite office for a full list of services offered.
  • What is blocking and leveling?
    The block and leveling of the trailers ensure a safe and level placement of the trailer on your site eliminating any swaying because of high winds. We specialize in dealing with mobile offices and know what is required on various types of soil.
  • What is anchoring?
    A method of securing the trailer into the ground using steel straps and anchors designed to keep the module firmly in place. The anchors are steel rods designed to accommodate any soil type or surface. Only a few inches of the anchors remain above ground level to maintain the holding power they have been designed for.  Steel straps fasten around the frame of the module and are attached to the anchors with adjustable bolts. An anchoring plan provides the required tie-down locations for your building in order to resist wind loads. The foundation plans and anchor plans are usually combined.
  • Can you relocate a mobile office or modular building?
    Satellite Shelters can relocate or move our customer’s trailers through use of Satellite’s professional and uniformed drivers. Before they leave your facility, they will inspect the trailer ensuring that it will be delivered safely and on-time!
  • Do you provide refurbishment, renovation, or repair services?
    Many of Satellite’s customers own their trailers and need to maintain their equipment. Satellite Shelters is the logical solution to updating an existing fleet due to our connections and accounts with industry vendors.  It is our area of expertise since we specialize in mobile offices and know what is required to repair them and have the equipment to make those repairs. Review our Customer Owned Equipment Services.
  • Can I have a security system installed in my mobile office?
    Yes. Satellite is happy to add a security features such as window screens, door bars/locks and security system to your mobile office rental. Just ask your Satellite Shelters sales representative to add them to your next quote.
  • Who should hook up the plumbing for my mobile office?
    A certified plumber should connect and disconnect the plumbing to your mobile office.
  • Products

  • What is the difference between mobile and modular?
    Mobile offices are typically for shorter term rentals and come in single and double wide offices. Modular buildings are meant for permanent, or semi-permanent use. Semi-permanent modular buildings are great if you’re experiencing rapid growth or need to relocate your team during building renovations or updates. Permanent modular buildings are just as customizable as traditionally constructed buildings and offer a cost-effective option should you find yourself in need of a new building.
  • What size building do I need?
    The size of the building you rent should depend on how you plan to use it and how many people you need to fit comfortably inside. Try our size guide to help you decide.
  • What is the difference between Mobile Offices and Ground-Level Offices?
    Mobile Offices sit up off the ground on tires and axels, requiring steps or ramps to access the building. They feature a hitch to easily hook up to and relocate on site if needed. Ground Level Offices (or GLOs) sit directly on the ground. Satellite offers several different size Mobile Offices with and without restrooms. GLOs come in two standard sizes and availability varies by location. Check with your local expert to see what is available in your area.
  • Do I need a mobile office or modular building?
    Mobile offices are typically used for short term projects such as construction sites or temporary administrative space. Modular buildings are typically used for longer projects that require swing space during renovations or rapid growth. Read more about which building fits your needs best.
  • What comes with a Mobile Office rental from Satellite?
    Most standard Mobile Offices from Satellite come with a built-in desk with file cabinets and drawer, overhead shelving, electric HVAC system, fold down plan table, tile floors and drop ceilings.
  • Do I need skirting?
    Skirting is not required for mobile offices, but does give your site a polished look and can help insulate your mobile office. If your unit is located in a colder climate and includes plumbing, polar skirting can add an additional level of protection from the cold. Skirting is an optional exterior finish that surrounds the bottom of a mobile office, construction trailer, classroom, etc.
  • What is skirting made from?
    Skirting is typically made with the same finish as the exterior siding of the building and spans from the underside of the building to the ground. Finishes for skirting include Smart Panel, Plywood, Aluminum, Hi-Rib Steel, Vinyl, or Lattice.
  • How do I get skirting for my building?
    You can ask your local Satellite rep to have skirting added to your order. Once your building is delivered to the site, skirting is installed after the unit is blocked and leveled and involves building a wood frame to support the skirting.
  • Do I need steps for my mobile office?
    Steps or ramps are required to access your mobile office. Ask your local expert to have steps and/or ramps added to your rental contract.
  • What kind of restroom will my Mobile Office come with?
    Mobile offices can come with or without restrooms. A unit with a restroom may have a standard or ADA compliant restroom. Read more details about restroom options here.