History of Blast Resistant Modules

March 1, 2021 in Blast Resistant Buildings
stacking blast resistant modules

Blast-resistant buildings have transformed the way companies approach temporary and permanent space solutions in dangerous blast zones. Blast-resistant buildings have answered the call for safe and convenient space within close proximity of hazardous work zones. Employees no longer have to move far offsite for breaks and are able to have peace of mind while remaining on the grounds.

About Blast-Resistant Modules

These structures are built to protect both employees and equipment from powerful blasts. The walls of a blast-resistant module, or BRM, are built thick with layers of protective material. Studs are placed close together for extra support, and the frame is engineered for exceptional durability. Cabinets and other interior fixtures are equally sturdy, and the outside is wrapped in a thick steel covering. BRMs are fully customizable to suit your organization’s precise needs.

When Disaster Strikes

In the early 2000’s, a hydrocarbon vapor cloud was ignited at a refinery in Texas. Blasts at refineries and other plants have resulted in the tragic loss of dozens of lives and hundreds of injuries. In the case of the Texas refinery, the placement of worksite trailers in close proximity to the blast contributed to the deaths and injuries sustained. Many in the industry reacted by moving trailers far from areas where explosions were likely to occur at refineries and other plants. While this move kept workers safe, it was far from ideal on a practical level. Workers had to walk long distances to start their shifts or take breaks. At sites where shuttle bus systems were put in place, costs soared.

The BRM Solution

Blast-resistant modules are being used across refining, petrochemical and numerous other industries to protect workers in blast zones. Gone are the days of placing work trailers far from where work is performed. Now, employees can enjoy convenience, comfort, and peace of mind on the job. Excellent ventilation, high-quality HVAC systems, and plenty of electrical outlets provide a comfortable atmosphere throughout the workday – all wrapped in a safe and secure environment.

Blast-resistant modules have transformed workplace safety. Having a safe and practical space is an essential part of maintaining productivity on jobsites. Whatever your industry, Satellite Shelters can keep your equipment secure and your employees safe. We’ll customize our BRMs to your organization’s specific needs. Contact us today to see how blast-resistant modules can change the operations and safety of your work environment.