Size Guide
Size Guide

16 Plex Breakroom

Finding space for 200+ workers to take their lunchbreak is no small task. This 14,000 sqft complex had the solution for one customer.

16 Plex Breakroom Quick Facts

The 16 Plex Breakroom Story

Building a new warehouse is no small undertaking & requires a large influx of workers on site. When a customer experienced rapid growth in their workforce, they knew they needed additional space for their employees. To provide a safe, quality break room for 200-300 workers, they turned to Satellite Shelters for a fast space option.

The Solution

Satellite provided the solution the customer needed – 14,000 additional square feet of space. Once assembly began, the crews had the building put together in less than a week. The full building was completed and ready for occupancy within two weeks.

If your company ever finds itself in need of a fast space solution, look no further than Satellite’s Modular S-Plex buildings. An expandable space option that allows for rapid set up with the flexibility to add more space should your needs change. Satellite’s S-Plex buildings come with different configuration options and custom add-ons, should you require them.

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