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Industry News Concerning Blast Resistant Modules

Effective Friday, March 18th, 2022, WillScot Mobile Mini has acquired the Blast Resistant Module fleet (BRMs) of Satellite Shelters, Inc. This will have no impact on Satellite’s ability to continue providing high-quality modular space solutions, and only impacts the BRM buildings and contracts.

As the demand for BRMs continued to grow, Satellite had to choose between effectively serving our customers while ensuring our BRM customers had a solution for these buildings in the future.

Satellite Shelters is a leader in customer service and will continue providing high-quality modular products to meet your space needs.

Michele McMurdo has been the key to driving and growing this business for Satellite Shelters over the past 16 years. She has accepted a new position with WillScot Mobile Mini as Director, BRM and in that capacity will continue to lead and serve the customers of this market.

To all of our BRM customers, we at Satellite Shelters would like to say, ‘Thank You’. It is because of the trust you placed in us throughout the years that we were able to contribute to the success of your projects.

Please visit WillScot Mobile Mini’s website below for all your future blast resistant module needs: