Modular Buildings In Indiana

Prefab, Modular Commercial Buildings in Indiana

Indiana is a diverse state featuring metropolitan areas and smaller industrial towns. No matter if you come from a big city or a smaller town, growth is everywhere, and sometimes you need a place to work as you grow. That’s why Satellite Shelters specializes in temporary and permanent modular buildings for budding businesses and schools just like yours. We are experts in modular building design and can easily create a space that suits your needs and budget. 

We’re proud to serve companies throughout Indiana, including those in the following areas and more: 

Office Trailers Available for Rent and Purchase in Indiana

General contractors, commercial businesses, and small organizations in Indiana enjoy Satellite’s newest fleet of office trailers throughout the state. Whether you’re looking for a drafting office, hiring trailer, or conference room space to meet with clients, we have office trailers available for rent and purchase throughout Indiana.

Our stock units come in several sizes and are equipped with built-in desks and file cabinets, electric HVAC systems, and your choice of restroom options—including ADA-compliant bathrooms. If you’re not sure which size is best for you, our size guide can help. 

Rent or Purchase Portable Classrooms in Indiana

Experiencing increasing enrollments and need to prepare a space to accommodate all your students in Indiana? Portable classrooms are a simple and cost-effective way to create more space without disrupting your students’ learning. Satellite Shelters offers portable classrooms for elementary, middle, and high schools for a wide range of applications, including art rooms, computer and science labs, band and choir rooms, libraries, and more. If your projected enrollment shifts and you find your needs change, Satellite is here to help you adjust to the changing environment.

Contact Us to Purchase or Rent a Modular Building in Indiana

From office trailers to portable classrooms, our modular spaces are built to do it all. Requiring less time to install than traditional buildings, Satellite Shelters simplifies the modular construction process for companies who need quality, adaptable workspace. If you’re ready to rent or purchase your modular building or mobile office, give us a call, and our local experts can give you more information on how to get started exploring our current inventory. You can also request your free quote online today!