Modular Buildings In Washington

Prefabricated Office Buildings in Washington

With a healthy mix of busy city living and plenty of outdoor activities, Washington experiences continual growth and dozens of companies looking to upgrade their own space. Whether you need a permanent or temporary fix, Satellite Shelters specializes in prefabricated office buildings and modular building design for businesses, schools, and disaster relief efforts in Washington. Unlike traditionally constructed buildings, modular buildings take less time to build—which makes them more cost-effective and means you have more room in your budget to make it your own. 

New and Used Portable Classrooms in Washington

If your Washington school is battling overcrowded hallways and classrooms, consider a new or used portable classroom to give your students the space they deserve. When fluctuating enrollment leaves you with more students than you have classrooms, it’s a comfort to know that portable classrooms will offer your students the opportunity to learn in a stable environment. These modular buildings are equipped with an HVAC, vertical sliding windows, and can even include ADA-compliant restrooms.

Contact Us About Modular Buildings in Washington

When you need a fast solution so you can get back to business, get in touch with the building and design experts at Satellite Shelters. We’ll work within your timeline and budget to design-build the modular building that works best for you and your organization. And should disaster strike, we have disaster recovery solutions to help your business get back on its feet quickly. To work with a local modular expert for Washington state, feel free to give us a call or request your free quote online today.