Modular Buildings In Wisconsin

Prefabricated Office Buildings in Wisconsin

When commercial organizations in Wisconsin need extra space, they might feel confused or overwhelmed with the different options. Satellite Shelters simplifies the construction process with the newest modular buildings in the industry.

No matter what your specific need is, Satellite Shelters can deliver. Our modular buildings are constructed in a factory-controlled setting and sent to your job site to be assembled, making the process more efficient than traditional construction. From disaster recovery solutions to customizable s-plex modular buildings and beyond, our modular building design process ensures that you have the exact building you need at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the cities and metro areas we serve in Wisconsin include:

Mobile Office Trailers in Wisconsin for Rent and Purchase 

If you’re on the hunt for a temporary solution for your worksite or office, look no further than mobile offices from Satellite Shelters. Mobile offices can be purchased, rented, and leased, but the flexibility doesn’t stop there. Satellite’s mobile office trailers can be used for a wide range of purposes, from sales offices to conference rooms and beyond.

Unsure of what size of mobile office best suits your needs? Check out our handy size guide for additional information.

New and Used Portable Classrooms in Wisconsin

Students and teachers deserve proper space to efficiently make use of their time in the classroom. While traditional construction can be costly and time-consuming, portable classrooms take less time to complete while still fulfilling all your needs. Portable classroom features include HVAC systems, vertical sliding windows, ADA restrooms, and more.

Your school deserves the best, and Satellite Shelters can help you get there. Our fleet of new and used portable classrooms available in Wisconsin will help you teach the next generation.

Contact Satellite Shelters to Find a Modular Building in Wisconsin

To quickly acquire space for your organization, modular buildings offer a simple solution. Satellite Shelters is Wisconsin’s reliable supplier of modular buildings, from temporary mobile offices to semi-permanent and even permanent, custom-built modular solutions. You don’t need to delay any longer to make your project idea a reality: Call Satellite Shelters to speak to a modular building expert or simply request your free quote online today!