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7 Questions To Ask Yourself About Communication With Your Employees

April 12, 2022 in Uncategorized
7 Questions to ask yourself about communication with your employees

Communication is an essential element of safety on a job site. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself about communication with your employees.

#1 –Do I Make Myself Accessible?

Any barriers to communication may mean safety on your site could be taking a hit. Try these simple steps to make yourself more accessible:

  1. Open your office door whenever possible
  2. Get out and say hi to your employees at least once per week

#2 – Do My Employees Understand Expectations?

Take the time to make sure employees understand the expectations of the organization. When something is fully understood, there’s less chance of a costly mistake. Here are two things to ask when assessing if your employees understand what is expected of them:

  1. Do my employees understand their role and the part they play in the bigger picture of our organization?
  2. Are my announcements clear and easily understood?

#3 – Do I Know My Employees Personally & Professionally?

Take a genuine interest in your employees personal and professional lives. Getting to know your employees opens the line of communication, building trust and mutual respect.

#4 –Do I Let My Employees Know Their Thoughts & Opinions Are Important?

When your employees feel safe communicating with you, they will be more likely to bring things to your attention that need to be addressed. By opening the communication channel, you can help improve processes and procedures and implement changes to guide employees and your facility to a higher level of safety.

#5 –Do I Provide Information In Multiple Formats?

Everyone learns differently. When communicating changes or updates to employees, supply the information in multiple formats. Some examples of ways to communicate include:

  1. Written
  2. Verbal
  3. Demonstrations
  4. Checklists

Take the time to understand how your employees learn best and ask for feedback in the form of verbal or written consent.

#6 –Do I follow Up With My Employees?

Following up is a key part of the feedback loop that drives improvements in safety on your site. Managers who circle back with employees are reinforcing that employees’ suggestions are valid, important, and most importantly – acted on or considered.

#7 – Do I Uphold A Culture of Safety?

Safety is a continual process of improvement that requires buy-in from everyone, including workers on the ground to leadership and everywhere in between. Your entire facility needs to be dedicated to safety and workers need to feel they are heard. Who better to model safety for your employees than YOU? Building a safety culture may mean something different everywhere you go. What does a safety culture mean for you? Download this communication checklist and write your answer in the space provided. Revisit from time to time to hold yourself accountable for your part in safety for yourself, your employees, and your company.