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Size Guide

S-Plex Modular Swing Space

Modular swing space for a large entertainment company during an office remodel.

Case Study Quick Facts

The S-Plex Swing Space Story

A large entertainment company in Minnesota needed a convenient space solution during a building remodel. Since several departments and over 130 employees would be displaced, they required functional office space that wouldn’t disrupt the normal flow of business. As a company they trusted from past projects, they turned to Satellite Shelters.

The Solution

Satellite Shelters designed a custom commercial office space solution that would handle all of the clients needs. The custom floor plans maximized functionality, while maintaining the flow of everyday business for employees. Employees enjoyed a comfortable working environment through an unseasonably harsh winter and hot summer, all with the included HVAC system. The brand new units were sent straight from the factory and with a quick setup, the customer had the swing space they needed while their remodel was underway.

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