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Size Guide

A Race for Space at Winsted Elementary School

exterior of two modular double wide classsroomsHoward Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) ISD discovered an increase in student enrollment entering their Winsted Elementary School for the 2011 school year. Without time to pass a referendum and build additional classrooms, HLWW ISD contacted Satellite Shelters and utilized their NJPA contract to have modular classrooms installed on their site.

Satellite’s design team worked with the school district’s architectural and engineering firm to create a design for a 110’ connecting link from the school to the portable classrooms. The connecting link was complete with carpeting, heating and A/C, lockers, fire alarms, and built to ADA compliance.

Prior to construction, the State of MN shut down for several weeks. When the state workers returned, there were only 2 weeks left before the start of the new school year. Satellite’s construction team was able to complete the connecting link, set up the modular classrooms, complete all utility hookups, and have the building inspected and approved for occupancy with 4 days remaining. This enabled all teachers ample time to prepare their classrooms for the students’ arrival.

Using their state-sponsored contract with NJPA allowed HLWW ISD to respond quickly and efficiently to their immediate need for additional classroom space. The school was able to save a great deal of time and money by using their pre-bid NJPA contract. In addition, their NJPA membership allowed them to complete the bid design portion of the project and wrap it into a 3-year operating lease with Satellite Shelters.

Inside portable classroom at Winsted Elementary.
Interior of modular classroom.
Modular classroom setup.