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Modular Classrooms: Wiley Middle School Case Study

January 13, 2020 in Modular Classrooms

When schools outgrow their campuses or lose buildings to storms or other disasters, the transition to new learning spaces can be difficult. Construction time and costs can be major burdens on students, faculty, and administrators alike. Luckily, modular classrooms are often the most efficient answer to the temporary or permanent replacement of conventional school buildings.

The Modular Solution to Growing Schools

School districts in many communities around the United States are experiencing growing pains. Rapidly expanding cities and suburbs can overwhelm schools that aren’t prepared for population increases. Wiley Middle School is part of one such district that experienced rapid growth and needed space for 1,200+ students. After confirmation that funding had been passed for a renovation project, Wiley Middle School turned to Satellite Shelters for help with their temporary classroom needs.

Satellite responded by connecting 45 classrooms on a campus of five modular buildings, creating comfortable and affordable accommodations for students and staff.

Learning in Comfort

In the wake of sudden growth or a catastrophic event, replacing traditional schoolrooms can be a lengthy process. Modular buildings can be constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to build conventional structures. Fortunately, school districts don’t have to sacrifice comfort in favor of speed.

Today’s portable classrooms are designed to provide learning spaces with proper heating and cooling systems, efficient layouts, and natural and artificial lighting. At Wiley Middle School, students walk to their modular classrooms in climate-controlled, 10-foot wide hallways lined with lockers.

Optimal Learning Environments

While comfort and speed are key, learning is the most important objective. The portable classrooms we constructed at Wiley are tailored to each class’s unique needs. Biology and Chemistry students enjoy rooms with counter space for their lab equipment. Home Economics classrooms contain six kitchen workspaces, and the Criminal Defense room is equipped with plenty of padded floor space for watching demonstrations and practicing self-defense moves.

High-level functionality extends to the outside as well. An oval drive makes it easy for bus drivers, parents, faculty, and staff to navigate parking and drop-off areas.

Satellite Shelters is the First in Educational Space

At Satellite Shelters, we’re proud of the modular buildings we designed and built for Wiley Middle School. If your school district is in need of additional space, portable classrooms and modular office space could be the answer. Fast, efficient construction processes and lower costs have helped many schools relieve growing pains or recover after unexpected events. Contact us today and speak to a local expert to see if modular classrooms could be the right choice for your school’s unique situation.