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How Cleveland Companies Can Prep to Work from Mobile Office Trailers

May 1, 2020 in Mobile Offices
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Cleveland, OH, is no stranger to a booming manufacturing sector. With continuous growth in industries including automotive, fabricated metal, electrical, and electronic equipment,  Cleveland businesses are rapidly expanding their footprint throughout the city and across the globe. However, as local companies grow their offerings to meet new demands, workspace can become a valuable commodity to business owners and operational managers. Whether you work out of an office, a construction site, or an assembly plant, Satellite Shelters is here to help you add the space your team needs—such as our standard and specialty mobile office trailers—to thrive in the fast-paced marketplace.

After you or your company acquires one of our industry-leading mobile office trailers from the Satellite Shelters Cleveland branch, help your team prepare to work out of their new office space. To simplify the transition for your staff, use this handy how-to guide to prep your workers to operate with a business-as-usual mentality out of their new mobile office trailer.

Give Your Team Advanced Notice

If you have planned for a Satellite Shelters mobile office trailer to be installed near your building or worksite, let your team know in advance. If your staff has been working in cramped quarters or tight spaces, they will be happy to hear you are working hard to provide them with the space they need to work comfortably. In addition to early notice, give them site-specific information, such as where the mobile office trailer will be located in proximity to your main building or what team will be primarily operating out of the new space. With these details communicated early in the process, you can ensure your staff is ready to go right away once office assembly is completed.

Walk Through Your Mobile Office Trailer’s Layout

With a variety of mobile office trailer sizes and specialty products to choose from, communicate with your staff about the exact floor plan of their new space. Tell them how many team members can operate out of the space efficiently and what features their new office comes with. Whether your mobile office trailer has a plan table, a built-in desk, filing cabinets, overhead shelving, restrooms, or all of the aforementioned amenities, giving your team an idea of what their work environment will look like eliminates confusion and helps with planning.

Create an Operational Plan

When it comes to having an additional workspace outside of your main office or building, it’s crucial to create an operational plan to ensure your team is meeting demands and communicating effectively. Whether you’re a medical professional at a Cleveland clinic or working in the local technology sector, establishing a thorough operational plan is key so your team understands the details of how work will be delegated and handled on a daily basis. Communication is a priority, so make sure all your team members know how operations will be handled out of their mobile office trailer.

Set Your Team Up for Success with Mobile Office Trailers in Cleveland

With this handy guide, you’ll be able to help your team move into their new mobile office trailer with ease. From communicating the specific floor plan and location of your new space to creating a detailed operational plan before work begins, you can ensure a seamless transition with little downtime.

With our Cleveland team and office located in the suburbs of North Ridgeville, Satellite Shelters is proud to provide easily accessible mobile office trailers throughout Greater Cleveland, OH. Whether your manufacturing business is ramping up production or your medical facility is running out of space, our selection of mobile office trailers will help you acquire the space you need to continue operating smoothly. Get in touch with Satellite Shelters in Cleveland today to discover our wide selection of mobile office trailers and prefabricated buildings!