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A picture of a ground-level office

Benefits of Ground-Level Offices

As one of the nation’s leaders in mobile and modular building construction, Satellite Shelters has helped countless clients with space for their business and construction needs. We’re committed to continuing to provide the best possible mobile and modular building solutions moving forward, which is why we’re introducing a new product in our lineup: the ground-level […]

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A happy woman having a video call for work in a mobile office trailer.

Virtual Tours for Mobile Office Trailers

In the digital age, virtual tours provide an immersive and accessible way to explore spaces of all kinds. Whether the location you need to see is too far away to visit, not yet built, or unable to be seen in-person for whatever reason, virtual tours can help. Mobile office trailers—a versatile solution for various workspace […]

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Modular office trailer in a graveled lot.

New vs. Used Mobile Modular Buildings

When you find yourself in need of a cost-effective solution for expanding your workspace temporarily, mobile modular buildings and office trailers are the perfect solutions! At Satellite Shelters, our mobile buildings and office trailers can be used as office spaces, industrial spaces, and even mobile classrooms, and our modular construction methods provide expedience and cost […]

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The exterior of the Rolls Royce office

All About Custom Modular Building Construction for Offices

Are you exploring your options for getting a new or potential business site up and running or looking for a way to create more working space on your existing site? Modular buildings are prefabricated prior to on-site installation. This allows for extra-efficient construction in a controlled environment not impacted by weather or many of the […]

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A man working on an HVAC unit

Mobile Office HVAC Maintenance and Thermostat Tips From the Experts

Winter is around the corner, which means that colder temperatures are on the horizon. But cooler weather also means that it’s time to ensure that your modular building’s HVAC unit has been properly serviced to avoid any interruption to your heat supply. We’ve asked some of our top HVAC experts some common questions about HVAC […]

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Single-Wide Mobile Offices from Satellite Shelters

Myths About Mobile Offices

When you need additional space for your employees or your jobsite, mobile offices are a great choice. The benefits of mobile offices vs traditional construction are: Less expensive Offer a temporary solution Quicker to install These facts make mobile offices particularly ideal for short term projects or projects where it doesn’t make sense to build […]

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Satellite Specialty Products for Safety

Whether you’re ordering a temporary mobile office or something for a longer term project, like an S-Plex modular building, it’s undeniable that portable buildings are a convenient and effective way to acquire space for your organization. And with leasing, renting, and purchase options—as well as the option to purchase used buildings—there’s a modular building for […]

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interior of a job trailer

The 5 Easy Steps to Installing a Job Trailer

No matter what industry you work in, there are times when you need additional space for a sales office, training room, or conference room. While a traditionally constructed building might work just fine, there are many situations when an alternative solution is necessary. When you need quick, cost efficient, high quality temporary space, a mobile […]

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Mobile office in front of building

Ways to Use Mobile Office Trailers for Construction Job Sites

No matter the size of your job site, mobile offices are a great way to add temporary space. Job site construction trailers can be used for all sorts of purposes, from mobile construction offices to a meeting space, lunchroom, break room, and more. Here at Satellite Shelters, we’re The First in Space when it comes […]

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double wide office trailer

How to Choose the Best Office Trailer Size

Whether you’re looking to add a breakroom on your job site, open some conference room space, or set up training rooms, mobile offices are an ideal solution. A fast, simple solution, these temporary spaces are versatile and come in a wide variety of sizes. But the question inevitably arises: which size should you choose? Should […]

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