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Satellite Specialty Products for Safety

April 4, 2022 in Mobile Offices

Whether you’re ordering a temporary mobile office or something for a longer term project, like an S-Plex modular building, it’s undeniable that portable buildings are a convenient and effective way to acquire space for your organization. And with leasing, renting, and purchase options—as well as the option to purchase used buildings—there’s a modular building for nearly any budget.

Here at Satellite Shelters, we think it’s important to offer flexibility and convenience. That’s why we offer specialty products to round out your modular building order. Specialty products are also a great way to help prevent accidents at your worksite and even deter crime thanks to fencing, door locks, and security cameras. Explore what we have to offer.

What Are Specialty Products?

Specialty products are our name for our line of accessories that can be rented or purchased through Satellite Shelters along with your building. These specialty products can be in a package or a la carte as needs arise. There’s no need to complicate your logistics by ordering elsewhere—we’ve got you covered.

Specialty Products for Safety

At Satellite Shelters, one of our core values is “Safety First & Always.” That means we are always committed to safety, and it means that we believe that injuries and workplace accidents can be prevented with the right tools and the right procedures.

We provide a variety of specialty products to help improve worksite safety. We supply these products to both prevent and mitigate accidents and to increase worksite security to help prevent any issues on that end. Our specialty products for safety include:

  • Fire extinguishers & smoke detectors
  • Window bars & security screens
  • Door bars & locks
  • Storage containers
  • Security cameras

Do I need specialty products for safety?

While every worksite is different—and every industry has its own quirks and necessities—it’s crucial to have basic safety products on hand. Even if you don’t acquire such equipment through Satellite, fire extinguishers as well as functioning smoke detectors, are essential.

Your worksite location will determine to what extent security-based specialty products—such as door bars, locks, and security cameras—can help. If your worksite is located within a heavily trafficked area, such specialty products can help prevent crime, which can prevent delays to your project as well as potential property damage.

Other Specialty Products

While specialty products for safety are certainly important for the security and safety of your workplace, they’re only part of the accessorizing puzzle. Your local experts at Satellite Shelters provide a full range of accessories for your work site. From furniture to appliances, equipment, and more, Satellite Shelters provides a full circle solution to assist in your logistical and sourcing efforts.

Furniture & Furnishing

Unless you’re using your modular building purely for storage building, chances are good that you’ll need somewhere for your workers to sit. We can help you provide the furniture that your worksite needs, such as:

  • Folding tables
  • Stacking/folding chairs
  • Rolling office chairs
  • Trash can
  • Chair mats

Additionally, we provide furniture packages for some of our common modular space needs to help you take guesswork out of furnishing your space. Our furniture packages include:

Equipment & Appliances

What’s a break room without a fridge and a coffee pot? What’s an office without a functioning printer? Once your furniture is selected, it’s important to ensure your equipment and appliances are set up. These additional add on products to your mobile office help make your time at the office more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • HVAC filters
  • Printers
  • Fridge and mini fridge
  • Microwave
  • Coffee pot
  • Sanitizer dispensers

Exterior Accessories

Don’t forget about the exterior of your mobile office. While all portable buildings include the necessities such as vinyl siding, HVAC systems, lighting, doors, and more, you may want or need to add a few other accessories. We can have an ADA-compliant ramp installed for your building as well as building skirting and more.

  • Boot scrapers
  • Steps and ramps
  • Skirting

Custom Accessories

Don’t see what you need listed so far? Don’t sweat it. Our local experts have experience working with a variety of industries, and we’re committed to providing the best service from end to end. We can work with our partners to source any specific needs that you might have.

Get Specialty Products for Your Modular Building Today

A modular building solution is customizable and flexible. Satellite Shelters is here to provide what you need in the form of specialty products to complete your space.

Let us do the difficult work for you so that you can do what you do best. Contact your local Satellite office for more information, or request a quote to get started.