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Disaster Response Mobile Offices - Cameron Peak Fires

When disaster strikes, it’s fundamental that your business has the resources in place to react quickly.

Case Study Quick Facts

You have an outstanding operation and everyone on your staff was extremely helpful and professional.

The Cameron Peak Story

Natural disasters devastated millions of acres in the western United States in 2020. One such natural disaster was the Cameron Peak fire in Colorado, the largest fire in Colorado state history as of October 2020. Fire fighting is an exhausting job. Protecting the lives of people and wildlife, along with property and thousands of acres of wilderness, from large fires takes a team of highly dedicated people working around the clock. Crews work tirelessly, risking their lives for the wellbeing of others. These persevering heroes only get a brief respite between shifts and Satellite is here to ensure they have a safe space for adequate rest, refueling and recuperation.

The Solution

When disaster strikes, it’s fundamental your business has the resources in place to react quickly. “Timeliness is crucial to our operation” said Bill Menke, Logistics Section Chief on the Cameron Peak Fire. Satellite worked relentlessly from the initial phone call through the weekend to deliver 11 mobile offices to the fire camp. “The trailers were clean and ready to move in to. The drivers were all professional and set up time was remarkable.” Bill continued. 10 additional Mobile Offices were also delivered to support the crews working diligently fighting the Cameron Peak fires. When disaster strikes, Satellite Shelters offers you the tools to help strike back.

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