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How Our Products Can Help in Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster plan in place is a must for your organization. From stocking your safety kit to developing a strategy for employee and customer safety, preparedness provides peace of mind and helps prevent injuries or worse. However, getting back on your feet after the initial trauma should also be part of your disaster recovery […]

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Utilizing Temporary Modular Buildings for Disaster Relief: How It Works

Consider these 2 things if you experience damage after a natural disaster.

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What’s in Your Safety Kit?

When it comes to you and your family’s safety, you can’t be over prepared. Prepare yourself by having a survival kit located in or near your storm shelter.

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The Importance of a Recovery Plan for Your Business

In our last post, we touched on Severe Weather Awareness Week and how to keep your family safe. When disaster strikes, our first concern should be our family, but after we know they are safe, our next thought usually turns to our jobs and our businesses and being there for our customers. It is always […]

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Severe Weather Awareness Week

With the extreme weather that the nation has been experiencing over the last couple of months. we thought it would be a good time to review what’s in your disaster preparedness kit and what your emergency procedures are at work and at home. April 21st – 25th also happens to be Severe Weather Awareness Week […]

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FEMA Industry Day – Oct. 28th, 2011

The purpose of the FEMA Industry Days are to provide information to local business about future requirements and to also gain industry insight regarding best practices and standards so local business can assist FEMA with developing requirements. Local business gathered on October 28th in New Orleans, Louisiana to hear from FEMA Officials and also from […]

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