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All About Custom Modular Building Construction for Offices

December 9, 2022 in Mobile Offices
The exterior of the Rolls Royce office

Are you exploring your options for getting a new or potential business site up and running or looking for a way to create more working space on your existing site? Modular buildings are prefabricated prior to on-site installation. This allows for extra-efficient construction in a controlled environment not impacted by weather or many of the delays that often plague standard construction projects.

Permanent Modular Office Building Solutions

Did you know modular buildings aren’t just cookie-cutter buildings? They can be custom built for your specific needs. Because modular buildings can be built quickly, businesses often use them when rapid growth, renovation or other company changes make it necessary to get a functional office or workspace set up in a short time frame. This means that modular construction is often used for creating temporary structures. However, it can also be used for creating a custom commercial modular building solution for the long haul – while still capturing the benefits of modular construction methods.

Permanent modular office buildings can be built fully to code and function as any other traditionally constructed building. Additionally, modular buildings can be designed and built to meet unique functional and design specifications. For those considering options for building a new office building, the customizability and time and cost-effectiveness of modular construction can be huge benefits.

Advantages of Modular Buildings for Permanent Builds

When it comes to permanent structures, modular buildings still offer significant advantages over standard-construction buildings. Especially relevant for rapidly growing businesses, a permanent modular building can typically be constructed much more quickly than a traditional building.

In addition, the streamlined, factory-based construction process for modular buildings can help lower the costs of building a new structure. This factory-based process also means modular building builders have the ability to exercise precise quality control methods not possible in on-site building projects, offering excellent quality and long-term durability.

Looking for an eco-friendly building solution? Modular buildings can be constructed using recycled materials and less wasteful processes, making them more eco-conscious than most traditional buildings. Along with sustainability benefits, modular buildings can offer increased energy-efficiency, allowing for additional cost savings over your office building’s lifespan.

Custom Modular Building Design for Offices

Modular buildings can be customized for the exact size and layout you need. For office buildings, the full design can include incorporating waiting rooms, cubicles, lunchrooms, open office spaces, and other layouts. Important systems, like fire sprinklers and HVAC systems, can also be incorporated. Modular office buildings can also be completed for ADA compliance. Stairways, bathrooms, and kitchens can all be designed and built out too, just as you’re used to in standard construction spaces.

Similar to the customizability of a standard building, a new modular building can be completed to completely suit its function. For example, an office building could be completed with ceramic tile or carpeted rooms for maximum comfort and practicality. Conference rooms, meeting spaces, and work areas can all be customized around employee workflows and even your company brand.  Additionally, the exterior of a modular office building can be designed and created to suit the building’s purpose and even to blend with the building site’s surrounding architecture.

Even if your vision for a building includes incorporating brick, stucco, or stone façade, modular buildings can incorporate these features and likely leave more room in your budget for landscaping and interior design features. Need ADA-compliant ramps or want a portico to welcome others to your space? Modular buildings can incorporate those elements too.

Additional Modular Building Options for Semi-Permanent Use

Looking for something in between permanent and short-term? S-Plex expandable modular buildings are a great option for creating temporary space during long construction projects. At Satellite Shelters, S-Plex Buildings are lightly customizable to match your size and layout needs. These buildings are constructed by combining units of set floor plans together.

Things To Consider When Evaluating Modular Building Companies for Your Project

When your company is pursuing a potential modular building project, you’ll want to get a sense of the possibilities offered by modular building companies in your area. Be sure to ask your Satellite Shelters representative about the customization options we offer and ask for a project estimate.

You’ll also want to clarify whether they offer turnkey buildings or primarily supply prefabricated building parts to a contractor who will complete site preparation and building assembly; if you choose a modular building company that primarily supplies contractors with building modules, be sure to include both the contractor and modular construction costs and timelines in your considerations.

For general reference, the timeline for finishing custom building modules generally runs somewhere between eight to 12 weeks. For full turnkey solutions (including site development), expect a four- to six-month timeline to completion, although details depend on the scope and details of each project.

Build a Custom Commercial Modular Building With Satellite Shelters

Here at Satellite Shelters, we’re proud to be a leader in offering modular buildings for temporary, semi-temporary, and long-term uses. From custom office buildings to government, medical, and industrial spaces, our modular buildings offer excellence in quality while helping businesses and organizations take advantage of the efficiency and cost savings of modular construction.

Interested in learning more about modular office construction for a proposed or existing business site? Our team can give you the information you need to get a sense of the costs for your project. Just contact your nearest branch office for more information or request a quote today.