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Gauging and Increasing Employee Morale

August 8, 2022 in Uncategorized
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Download this checklist to keep as a quick reminder on how to boost your employees’ morale.

5 Ways to Raise Employee Morale

Increasing or maintaining morale doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few ideas for increasing morale for your workforce:

  • Recognition
    • Awards for performance
    • Personal thank you notes or cards
  • Concentrate on work/life balance
    • Reasonable work schedules keep employees from burnout
    • Recognize employee needs & support them where you can
  • Be transparent
    • Share your business mission & current goals
    • Foster open communication
  • Plan activities
    • Cater a lunch
    • Start a company sports team
  • Pay for training & personal/professional growth opportunities
    • Train an employee on a new job if they express interest
    • Encourage professional or leadership growth opportunities


Maintaining Employee Morale During Uncertain Times

  • Set your sights: Identify main priorities for the company & your team
  • Don’t lose your way: Remember your core values & mission
  • Communicate: Listen closely, provide support where needed
  • Make work fun: Plan activities, lunches or contests
  • Give back: Organize fund raisers or volunteering