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Satellite Shelters, Inc. is There When Disaster Strikes

March 25, 2011 in Mobile Offices

Spring brings to mind many things including birds, bees, trees, flowers, and fun outdoor activities, but it can also mean heavy storms with lots of rain, melting snow creating flooding, and not to mention devastating disasters with tornadoes. Spring brings many areas of the country these unfortunate events and they can sometimes result in the loss of what so many businesses and organizations need to operate – SPACE.

Mobile Offices and Modular Buildings from Satellite Shelters, Inc. are a great way to continue your business’ and organization’s operations while your permanent facilities are repaired and remodeled. With national resources and partnerships with suppliers mirroring our branches, your organization can be up and running with minimal down-time. In addition to office space, we can also provide portable classrooms, administrative offices, lunch rooms, and even activity space to be used for congregations or sporting events.

We can guide you through the process and make sure your organization is covered by having Satellite Shelters, Inc. listed as the “Emergency Space Provider” in your business’ continuity or disaster plan.

When state, county, and city communities come together to decide on a plan for temporary and permanent growth in the event of a crises, it is important to have a multitude of resources to assist where your families work, worship, educate, and socialize. Satellite Shelters, Inc. can be that partner. We are a company that you can count on for quality Mobile Offices, Modular Buildings, Portable Classrooms, and Storage Solutions.

About Satellite Shelters, Inc.
For over 35 years, Satellite Shelters, Inc. has been a national provider of temporary and permanent space solutions including Mobile Offices, Modular Buildings, Ground-Level Offices and Storage Containers.

About the Author
Rachel Lamport is a Sales Representative for Satellite Shelters, Inc. She has over 13 years of experience in the Mobile Office and Modular Building industry. You can reach Rachel at 816-453-1101 or by e-mail at