Multi-Use Office Buildings

Commercial modular buildings are versatile structures useful to professionals in many industries. These buildings are easily configurable, so you can stay productive as the scale of your operations change in size. Whether you use modular commercial buildings permanently or as temporary solutions, you will get advantages such as a fast construction time, budget-friendly pricing and durable structural designs.

Enjoy conveniences such as private offices, HVAC systems, carpet and tile flooring, sliding windows and much more. Give your team a comfortable building to increase productivity at your jobsite. Ready to get started? Explore our extensive inventory of multi-use office buildings and commercial modular offices today.

DimensionsModelTypeDetailsFloorsRestroomState Seals
42' x 76' Modular Office Building041742A-CMulti-Use Office Details3YesGA
94' x 116' Modular Office Complex0735299A-PMulti-Use Office Details16YesAL, NC, SC
56' x 72' Modular Office Complex11B394-9Multi-Use Office Details6YesCO
94' X 116' Modular Complex15843A-PMulti-Use Office Details8YesGA
66' x 219' Modular Office Complex17984A-RMulti-Use Office Details18YesGA
108' x 116' Modular Office Building18612A-IIMulti-Use Office Details9YesGA
76' x 84' Modular Office2063-8Multi-Use Office Details6YesIN
76' x 84' Modular Office36420-5Multi-Use Office Details6YesIL, IN
76' x 84' Modular Office36619-24Multi-Use Office Details6YesIN
64' x 113' Modular Building Complex36963-71Multi-Use Office Details9YesCO, IL, KS, MO, NE, WY
72' x 72' Modular Office Building40-32707-12Multi-Use Office Details6YesMI, OH, PA
73' x 98' Modular Complex4637A-GMulti-Use Office Details7Yes
48' x 60' Modular Office4734A-DMulti-Use Office Details4YesLA, TX
70' x 64' Modular Office Building6968A-EMulti-Use Office Details5YesTX
60' x 176' 6" Modular Office Complex6957A-OMulti-Use Office Details15Yes
60' x 120' Modular ComplexGLC07182-91Multi-Use Office Details10YesIA, IL, IN, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI
Standard 10' x 40' Mobile OfficeStandard1040Multi-Use Office Details1Yes
Standard 10' x 50' Mobile OfficeStandard1050Multi-Use Office Details1Yes
Standard 10' x 50' Mobile Office with 1/2 Rest RoomStandard1050wRRMulti-Use Office Details1Yes
Standard 12' x 44' Mobile Office with 1 ADA Rest RoomStandard1244wADAMulti-Use Office Details1YesCO
Standard 12' x 60' Mobile OfficeStandard1260Multi-Use Office Details1Yes
Standard 12' x 60' Mobile Office with 1 ADA Rest RoomStandard1260wADAMulti-Use Office Details1YesCO
Standard 24' x 60' Mobile Office with 2 ADA Rest RoomsStandard2460w2ADAMulti-Use Office Details2Yes
Standard 8' x 24' Mobile OfficeStandard824Multi-Use Office Details1No
Standard 8' x 36' Mobile OfficeStandard836Multi-Use Office Details1No
60' x 132' Modular Office ComplexGLC07171-81Multi-Use Office Details11NoIA, IL, IN, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI
24' x 60' Mobile Office484903A-BMulti-Use Office Details2YesCO
60' x 60' Modular Office Building4011F-KMulti-Use Office Details5YesCO
36' x 60' Modular Office36945-7Multi-Use Office Details3YesCO

* Some exceptions may occur. Check with your local Satellite Shelters Branch for more information and the latest updates on our multi-use buildings.

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