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Benefits of S-Plex Modular Buildings

April 3, 2023 in Modular Buildings
The Exterior of an S-Plex modular building with air conditioning in front of a cityscape or office buildings.

Here at Satellite Shelters, we’re proud to offer S-Plex modular buildings, semi-permanent modular buildings constructed from several individually constructed units. Like all of our modular buildings, S-Plex buildings allow for high customizability and functionality. In addition, S-Plex buildings offer the added flexibility of a semi-permanent (and even an expandable) structure!

Whatever the exact needs or growth you build a commercial modular building to accommodate, an S-Plex building is a fantastic solution. Just contact your regional Satellite team for more information.

About S-Plex Modular Buildings

As modular buildings, S-Plex buildings are assembled on-site from pre-constructed modules, allowing a quicker and more cost-effective building process than traditional construction. In addition, S-Plex modular buildings are actually semi-permanent structures, making them more customizable than true mobile trailers but less permanent and fixed than permanent modular buildings. Because they strike a highly valuable balance between flexibility and customizability, S-Plex buildings are especially suited for providing space to rapidly growing organizations, or those needing more functional space while a construction or site project limits the space available.

We know that it’s crucial that your spaces are comfortable and fully functional whether you’re using them for now or forever. Our S-Plex modular buildings can accommodate multiple office spaces, ADA-compliant bathrooms, open spaces, and more.

Additionally, our standard S-Plex buildings are equipped with the following:

  • Tile flooring
  • Acoustical lay-in ceiling tiles
  • Vertical, sliding windows
  • Double-insulated glass windows
  • Double walls on shared office walls
  • Empty junction boxes for communication lines
  • Electrical HVAC System

Expandable Semi-Permanent Building Options

S-Plex buildings are uniquely expandable through the construction and attachment of additional units. This possibility allows organizations the ability to get a building up and running within the constraints of their resources without limiting options for the future. Additionally, with S-Plex buildings, you can still start a modular construction project and expand your functional space, even when accurately forecasting your future spatial needs isn’t quite possible.

Customizable Semi-Permanent Structure Configuration

S-Plex modular buildings can be configured in many different ways, allowing for a great deal of customizability. These modular buildings are formed from two or more units, and these units are available in three unique floor plans. The possibilities for combining layouts and units are nearly endless!

Versatile Semi-Permanent Structures

With a range of floor plan options, S-Plex modular buildings are especially versatile. The units that make up these buildings can be configured however best fits the building’s end purpose. As semi-permanent structures, these buildings also allow organizations a high degree of flexibility in terms of future plans for a given site. S-Plex modular buildings truly offer the possibilities and versatility needed for just about any use.

Explore the S-Plex Building Possibilities

Exterior of modular buildings in the S-Plex Modular Swing Space Project.

Interior of modular office spaces and work cubicles in the S-Plex Modular Swing Space Project.

With a range of configuration options, an S-Plex building can be planned out to perfectly suit its purpose, and the Satellite team has plenty of experience helping customers all over the country do just that. Our S-Plex Modular Swing Space project is a great example of one of our S-Plex modular construction projects.

We tackled this project when a large entertainment company enlisted our help during an office renovation that displaced over 100 employees. To help make sure the show could go on for this client, we created a large (over 13,000-square-foot) working office space, complete with cubicles, bathrooms, furniture, ADA-compliant ramps, and even custom IT data wiring, in Onamia, MN. As we do with all of our S-Plex modular buildings, we installed a built-in HVAC system in the Swing Space Project. We’re happy to say this system successfully helped workers stay comfortable through multiple harsh Minnesota seasons.

Specialty Products From Satellite Shelters

Did we mention how we incorporated furniture in our S-Plex Swing Space project? That’s right—Satellite offers specialty products like furniture, steps, ramping, hand sanitizer dispensers, appliances, security features, and more. This way, you can make sure your S-Plex modular office, classroom, or industrial space is ready for use right from day one.

Contact Satellite for an S-Plex Building Quote Today

Here at Satellite, we’re proud to provide excellent modular construction services and offer a superior customer experience throughout the planning and construction process. Whether you opt for a semi-permanent modular building with our S-Plex buildings or decide that a permanent modular building or temporary office trailer is right for you, our team is here to support you. Just contact your local Satellite Shelters office with your questions or to start the modular construction process.

Pretty sure an S-Plex building is going to be the answer for you but want to get a sense of the pricing and timelines for semi-permanent structures with modular construction? Just request a quote from our team! We’ll fill you in on the details of what to expect based on the scope and requirements of your project.