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Can I Buy or Rent Used Modular Buildings and Mobile Offices?

September 21, 2021 in Mobile Offices
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At Satellite Shelters, our modular buildings and mobile offices are built in compliance with the latest design and energy codes and up-to-date technology. Our supply of used modular and mobile office buildings is typically newer than the used modular products you’d find elsewhere. Each of our used units undergoes a rigorous inspection and maintenance routine each time it comes off rent to ensure the next customer gets a clean, fully functioning, and safe building.

If you’re on the hunt for used modular swing space near you, look no further: We have prefabricated buildings and mobile offices available both for sale and for rent. Satellite Shelters offers temporary or permanent solutions for your workplace or construction site. Our fleet of used modular buildings and mobile offices allows you to get the additional space you need faster than waiting for traditional construction methods.

Benefits of Renting Used Modular Buildings

Portable swing space and modular buildings can be utilized in any situation where traditional construction could be. Renting a used modular building is ideal for times you require extra space on your job site ASAP. Modular construction also allows for earlier occupancy than a traditionally built structure so you can get back to work with the resources you need.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Modular Buildings

Our modular buildings are commonly used for administrative offices, construction office trailers, portable classrooms, and government or medical buildings. Particularly amid ongoing COVID-19 concerns, many organizations and business administrators need extra space for the foreseeable future to help ease overcrowding in places like classrooms and hospitals.

When you’re looking for long-term modular space, consider the benefits of buying a used modular building through Satellite Shelters. Our fully customizable modular buildings can also be designed for specific operational needs—because we know how important it is to have a building uniquely designed to fit your needs. Finding and purchasing a used modular building that’s perfectly suited for your business can be an invaluable investment for the future.

Benefits of Renting Used Mobile Office Buildings

Wondering whether you should use a modular office building as your next workplace? Organizations across countless industries are discovering the perks of finding mobile office trailers for rent for their businesses. No matter if it’s an emergency shelter for a short-term solution or an office for an extended period, a used mobile office can provide a flexible, affordable alternative to leasing commercial office space. Renting a job-site office trailer is a cost-effective, hassle-free way to efficiently select the modular space you need with the flexibility of paying for it only as needed for the remainder of your construction, renovation, or another project.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Mobile Offices

One of the main benefits of a mobile office is in its name: It’s portable and can be relocated and reused as your business grows and adapts. Buying a used mobile office building means you’ll always have convenient access to space that can help your business pivot in whatever direction it’s moving—all without sacrificing your team’s productivity. Plus, our used modular offices for sale are designed with a variety of needs in mind, featuring tables, file cabinets, built-in desks, overhead shelving, electric HVAC systems, and more. In the event your building no longer needs to be occupied by employees, you can also use your mobile office for document or equipment storage.

Benefits of Leasing Mobile Offices

Satellite Shelters understands how important it is to have flexible financing options. That’s why we offer leasing options to help fit your business goals. When you lease mobile office trailers from Satellite Shelters, you’ll enjoy clean units equipped with furniture and features you need—including desks, tables, file cabinets, shelving, electric HVAC systems, and more.

Satellite Shelters offers two leasing options: an operating lease and a finance lease. With a finance lease, you own your modular office space at the end of your finance term. If your company chooses an operating lease, you have the option to purchase your building at the end of your lease or return your building to Satellite. Both of our leasing options are designed to fit your organization’s long-term financial planning by offering you set monthly payments that work for your company. To determine the best option for your building and business, contact your local sales rep today.

Buy or Rent Your Modular Building or Office Today

Could your workplace location benefit from a portable office building or a permanent modular space? With Satellite Shelters, you can choose to rent or buy a used modular building or mobile office depending on the nature of your building needs. Our full range of used products is sure to have the space solution that works with your budget and timeline. Find a Satellite Shelters branch near you to get started today, or check out our available inventory of used portable office buildings for sale!