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How Satellite Shelters Can Help Different Industries

Modular buildings have a variety of benefits over traditional construction. They can be installed much faster, and many modular buildings are actually cheaper to install than their traditional counterpart. But those benefits aren’t the only reasons why modular buildings are a great solution. Here at Satellite Shelters, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries, […]

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An illustration consisting of four squares, each showing a type of industrial plant or refinery.

5 Modular Equipment Options for Plants and Refineries

When it comes to keeping your workforce safe in plants and refineries, consider these 5 things on your list of top priorities.

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A man wearing a hard hat and protective ear muffs surveys equipment in an industrial plant.

Managing Industrial Turnarounds and Shutdowns with Modular Buildings

Successful turnarounds and shutdowns need equipment and personnel, but how do you house them when they’re on-site?

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