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What Industries Can Benefit from Blast Resistant Modules?

Thanks to the safety and dependability of blast resistant modules (BRMs), gone are the days of shuffling workers to and from portable work trailers far away from the job site. As blast resistant structures have progressed over the years, they have allowed plants and refineries to safely create efficiencies in the day-to-day operations of employees […]

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stacking blast resistant modules

History of Blast Resistant Modules

Blast-resistant buildings have transformed the way companies approach temporary and permanent space solutions in dangerous blast zones. Blast-resistant buildings have answered the call for safe and convenient space within close proximity of hazardous work zones. Employees no longer have to move far offsite for breaks and are able to have peace of mind while remaining […]

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Custom Blast Resistant Fire Suppression System

Custom-Built, Blast Resistant Operator Office

When an industrial plant in Texas needed an office for their operators, they called When an industrial plant in Texas needed an office for its operators, they called on Satellite Shelters to customize a blast resistant module (BRM) to help keep their employees safe and efficient. Here’s an example of how our modular buildings can […]

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An illustration consisting of four squares, each showing a type of industrial plant or refinery.

5 Modular Equipment Options for Plants and Refineries

When it comes to keeping your workforce safe in plants and refineries, consider these 5 things on your list of top priorities.

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A man wearing a hard hat and protective ear muffs surveys equipment in an industrial plant.

Managing Industrial Turnarounds and Shutdowns with Modular Buildings

Successful turnarounds and shutdowns need equipment and personnel, but how do you house them when they’re on-site?

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A man in a safety helmet stands near an oil pumpjack.

The Benefits of Satellite Safety Shelters Blast Resistant Modules

If your company is in the refining, chemical processing, or energy production industry, you know your employees are at an increased risk of injury or personal harm due to the combustible nature of your job. That’s why it’s so important to protect and shelter your workers from potential hazards. Providing blast resistant buildings can help […]

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