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A row of orange traffic cones on a snowy street.

7 Winterizing Tips for Your Modular and Portable Buildings

Complete your winterization checklist now with these 7 quick tips.

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A man wearing a hard hat and protective ear muffs surveys equipment in an industrial plant.

Managing Industrial Turnarounds and Shutdowns with Modular Buildings

Successful turnarounds and shutdowns need equipment and personnel, but how do you house them when they’re on-site?

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A yellow hard hat stacked on top of a white hard hat.

Safer with Satellite: Our Safety Culture

Safety. Your company probably talks about it, but do all employees take it seriously?

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Satellite Shelters Joins Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety (ECCS)

Satellite Shelters, Inc. has recently become members with the Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety (ECCS) in an attempt to increase awareness of safety best practices for our employees and customers located in our local community in Mandan, ND. The ECCS is a group of companies located in North Dakota that works together to achieve workplace […]

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Construction Safety During the Winter Months

While the summer season is widely known for the big push in road construction projects and housing starts, many workers are also on the job during the winter months. There are dangerous risks unique to working outside in the cold weather that are very different from the typical safety hazards of working outside in the […]

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