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How to Save Money while Renting or Leasing a Mobile Office

August 26, 2020 in Mobile Offices
Two men entering a white mobile office trailer.

Renting any kind of space—from a car to an apartment—means you’ll have to return it at some point. If it’s not in good condition, there may be repair or service charges coming out of your wallet.

Although mobile offices make for fantastic, efficient work spaces, they still require your care throughout their use. Avoid unexpected charges next time you’re using a modular office building by following several suggestions. Some of these include:

  • Use push pins instead of tape.
  • Protect the floors.
  • Purchase used equipment for future use.
  • Rent or purchase additional supplies and products through one provider.

Discover below all the different ways you can save money while renting or leasing a mobile office or portable job site trailer.

7 Ways to Avoid Damage and Cut Costs Renting a Mobile Office

Use push pins instead of tape.

Using tape to hang messages, announcements, or posters may cause damage and cost your company money in extra fees. Using push pins will cause significantly less damage and is the preferred method for posting special messages on the walls inside Satellite’s mobile offices and temporary modular buildings.

Use a plastic floor protector.

Rolling chairs are frequently used at desks inside a mobile office. Unfortunately, these chairs can inflict extensive damage to tiled floors, often causing major scratching or even grinding them down into the floorboards. At the time of your order, ask the company to provide you with a floor protector. There will likely be a nominal charge; however, this practice can save you money throughout the course of your project. You may even be able to purchase the floor protector outright. That way, it’s yours to keep and use on your next job site.

Purchase used steps instead of renting them.

If cared for properly, a set of used steps can last a long time and even be used for many future projects on various job sites. So, while it may continue to be more economical for your company to rent a mobile office, the option to purchase your steps may make more sense in the long run.

Request moving assistance.

Ask the company from which you’re renting or leasing for assistance with on-site moves. You can avoid hitch damages or accidental damage to the mobile office units by enlisting the company’s services to move an office to another location on your job site. Hitch damage and replacement can cost thousands of dollars, but damage to the mobile office itself can be much more costly.

Return all keys when returning the office.

Most likely, the company will send all available sets of keys with your mobile office. You might wonder: Why don’t office providers keep an extra set of keys just in case? Well, imagine the logistics of making (and paying for) hundreds of sets of keys in a year and then keeping track of them. This would end up costing you, the customer, more (made evident in rental rates) than simply replacing the locks whenever necessary.

Check with your provider for their requirements and return at least one set of keys per door with the office. Otherwise, a new lock will need to be installed, which could cost your company upwards of $100.

Order additional supplies and products through one provider.

Keep in mind you may be able to order all of your job site equipment through the same company; this will save you both time and money! Rent or purchase any additional job site products—other than your building—through your mobile office provider. Some of these items include:

  • Security systems
  • Portable toilets
  • Hand-washing stations
  • Holding tanks
  • Storage containers
  • Ramps
  • Skirting
  • Furniture
  • Security window screens
  • Vending machines
  • Door and window bars

If you order each item from a different provider, you could be signing and approving up to a dozen purchase orders and invoices at the end of the month. Instead, make one phone call to place the order for your items, generate one order, then enjoy having only one invoice to approve each month.

Consider purchasing a used mobile office.

Rather than renting a mobile office for a long-term or long-distance project, consider buying a used mobile office instead. More extensive projects require longer leases and in turn, larger rent payments on your building. If you have a long-term or long-distance work site, ask your mobile office provider what is available for sale from their fleet. Investing your money toward a used office helps you avoid paying the company more freight to haul the trailer back and forth to and from their yard. Purchasing a building might make more sense than paying monthly rental fees. Once you’re done, you can either keep the office for future projects or the company may be able to help you re-market it by providing names of companies or individuals looking to purchase their own used mobile office.

Satellite Shelters Is Here to Help Your Business

As a company, you’re always looking for ways to maximize resources—not only for the sake of your bottom line but also for the well-being of your hardworking staff. Lean on your local Satellite Shelters experts to provide mobile offices as well as all the products you need for your job site, and we will look for ways to save you money in the long run.
No matter if you’re seeking a temporary or long-term solution for your workspace or looking for a new or used mobile office for sale, reach out to a Satellite Shelters branch today.