The Modular Building Construction Process: A 5-Step Guide

October 25, 2017 in Uncategorized
A modular building being assembled at the construction site

Many people are turning to modular buildings as an affordable and efficient space solution. Since they are built off-site in sections, they make it easier for people to get into their building quickly while other aspects are being built around them. They can be used for permanent, long-term, or temporary facilities, making them a popular choice for classrooms, administrative offices, military housing and more.

If you’re thinking about getting a new building and are considering going modular, what can you expect from this unique construction process? Our five-step guide walks you through the basics.

1. Manufacturing Off-Site

The individual sections of a modular building are built in a factory-controlled setting where the bones of the building start coming together. By doing this in a factory setting, we ensure that the process is done efficiently and with less material waste than traditional stick-built construction.

2. Foundation and Site-Work Completed

As the modular sections are being built at the factory, site work is being completed simultaneously. Two separate crews are in constant communication and collaboration with one another to ensure that the same timeline is being followed and milestones will be met at the same time.

3. Delivery & Assembly

At this point, the modular building foundation is set up and the sections are complete. Each section is delivered to the work site and assembled together. Your modular building is starting to come together.

4. Exterior, Interior & Landscaping Finishes

This step is all about the details. Interior work begins, such as painting and furniture delivery. As this happens, exterior work and landscaping are being done as well. This is the phase in which your modular building will be completed and truly become something habitable.

5. Project Completion

Your modular building is complete! Both the keys and the ownership will be transferred to you at this point, and it’s time for you to get use out of your new modular building.

More and more businesses are turning to modular buildings to address their space needs due to their flexibility, durability, and available customization. If you’re interested in a temporary or permanent modular building, you can request a quote from the team at Satellite Shelters to see what we can do for you.