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Newest Fleet in the Industry

March 28, 2016 in Company Info

When it comes to modular space solutions, Satellite has the newest fleet in the industry, but what does that mean? It means that, as compared to competitors, our buildings were built more recently. Even our oldest used Construction Offices are newer than some of the competitors’ offices.

Mobile Offices and Modular Buildings from Satellite Shelters are built in the 21st century and according to the latest energy codes. Therefore, our customers benefit from updated technology and the latest in construction (and safety) design. As new construction processes and materials become safer and available, Satellite can take advantage of these with each new building that’s manufactured. Because of this, our buildings are energy efficient and built with the latest construction products available.

  • New Wood Framing
  • Modernized Exterior Siding and Walls
  • New Electric Wiring and Outlets
  • Updated Ceiling and Flooring
  • New HVACs for increased efficiency and energy cost savings for the customer

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To see a list of mobile offices available in your area right now, visit our used inventory listings for pictures and floor plans.

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