Modular Classroom Construction Benefits vs Traditional Construction

August 18, 2016 in Company Info

By now, hopefully you’ve seen our blog post on the Benefits of Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms for Schools. If you haven’t, check it out here:

In that post, we listed a couple benefits for schools to utilize Portable Classroom construction when they run out of space. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into two of those benefits: factory built and modular flexibility.

Modular Buildings are built in factory controlled settings.

Now, you might be thinking: “Does that mean robots construct your buildings?” And while we’d like to say yes (because how cool would that be?!), that’s not quite what we mean.

The factory where Satellite’s Modular Buildings are built are more like big warehouses with assembly lines and construction stations. Each station has certified workers that are responsible for a single component of the modular building construction process, including framing, electrical, duct work, and drywall/finishing to name a few.

One of the benefits of building modular buildings in a factory means it is easier to control construction conditions:

  • There is no delay due to weather.
    The factory warehouses are covered so they can continue to work on your modular building even if it is down pouring or blizzard conditions.
  • There is much better material quality control.
    Materials are stored inside the warehouse, so there is no wear and tear from weather or water damage to worry about.
  • Factory built doesn’t mean we skimp on inspections.
    Satellite’s modular buildings undergo the same inspections at every step of the construction process just like traditional construction sites do. We also participate in additional inspections to make sure our buildings are ‘road-ready’ so they can be transported to your school safely.

Modular Buildings are flexible in both size and configuration.

Satellite Shelters stocks several different types of portable classrooms which include options such as single or double classrooms, restrooms, hallways, science rooms, and cafeterias. Check out our inventory to see a few of these options on our website, here:]

If a standard layout won’t fit your needs, there are additional options for you to consider. Build a new building or modify an existing space. Walls and doors can be added to existing portable classrooms to meet the need of your school. Satellite Shelters can provide modular building space for:

  • Administrative or Teachers Offices
  • Libraries and Computer Rooms
  • Science and Home Economics Classes
  • Cafeterias
  • Music Rooms
  • Press Boxes
  • Equipment Storage
  • And more!

Satellite Shelters has flexible financing options and can rent and sell both new and used equipment. So, whether you’re looking for a few additional classrooms or a whole new school, Satellite Shelters can help you ease classroom overcrowding and meet your school’s growing needs with portable classroom construction and modular building solutions.