3 Signs You Need Modular Space

January 27, 2020 in Modular Buildings

Many business owners and managers are overwhelmed by space-related issues. From excessive noise to disorganization, space-strapped businesses can experience decreased efficiency as they grow. Modular construction helps companies in a wide range of industries add the square footage they need to optimize their worksites and boost profits. These three signs will tell you whether a modular building might be the space solution your business needs.

1. Everyone is a little close for comfort during meetings.

If employees inevitably end up crammed like sardines in a too-small conference room, it may be time to expand. It’s hard to focus on the topic at hand when you’re closer to your coworkers than you’d like. And if you meet with clients on your home turf, you don’t want their first impression to be that you don’t have the resources to comfortably seat staff and guests. Many businesses choose to add space using modular construction for its time and cost-saving benefits. Extra space can give you breathing room while reassuring customers that they’ve chosen to do business with the right company.

2. You can’t find that file.

If you’re like most businesses, you struggle with finding adequate space to store files, inventory, equipment and supplies. Whether you operate an industrial facility, a typical office or something in between, you can’t go wrong by adding storage space. Modular buildings allow you to safely store the equipment and files that are essential to your business. Imagine no longer tripping over boxes of files or spending precious time searching for a vital piece of equipment!

3. The entire office smells like pizza.

If employees typically spend their lunch breaks at their desks, you may be short on space.  Is the noise from a crowded breakroom disrupting people working nearby? Your break area may be too close to the conference room or a cluster of offices. Give your staff a little breathing room by expanding. Consider moving common areas to modular buildings or adding a modular office building to ensure peace and quiet.

Satellite Shelters Can Give You the Room You Need

From cramped conference rooms to cluttered supply closets, insufficient space can wreak havoc at almost any business. If you could use more room at your workplace, contact Satellite Shelters today. We’ll explain how modular construction can address your unique needs. We provide businesses in all sectors with customized mobile offices and other types of modular buildings to help ease your growing pains.