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How to Prep Your Job Site Before a Mobile Office Trailer Delivery

March 29, 2021 in Construction
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When renting a mobile office, it’s crucial to properly prepare your job site for the delivery of your unit. Preparing your job site can be completed in a few simple steps and will save you from future problems—not to mention safety risks—that could arise. No matter the size or quantity of units you’re having delivered, the tips below will help you prepare your site for your mobile office trailer. You can also download a checklist for your site here.

Start with a Clean, Level Surface

A level site is vital to the safety and structural stability of your mobile office trailer. Prior to your delivery, ensure the ground is level so that the steps to the building are secure, sturdy, and safe to use.

If you have an unlevel site, a blocking technique can be used when setting the building or a grading or excavation contractor can be hired to level the ground. Your local Satellite expert will help you make the right decision for your job site.

Signs of a level job site are:

  • The door closes and latches properly.
  • The steps are flush against the building.
  • There is no more than a 1-inch change in elevation over 10 to 12 feet in any direction.

Signs of a job site that is NOT level are:

  • The steps are not in line with the door.
  • The stairs are sloped at an angle.
  • There are more blocks on one side than the other.

Make Sure the Surface Is Clear of Debris

By clearing the site of all debris, you are also contributing to a level surface. Remove snow, ice, and mud on the site and level any holes or bumps that may make navigating your unit into place difficult. Take care of any trees with low-hanging branches as well, and take the time to clear your job site of sticks, trash, or big rocks that might interfere with delivery.

Confirm the Ground Conditions

It’s also important to determine what type of foundation you want to start with. It’s key to begin with a solid foundation to prevent your mobile office trailer from sinking or becoming lopsided. Recommended surface types include:

  • Gravel
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Grass
  • Dirt

Complete a Utilities Check

Before your delivery, it is important to consider what utilities your mobile office will need to have connected. It’s likely you will need to connect electricity to your unit; if electricity isn’t available at your site yet, you may need to consider utilizing a generator. If you’ve chosen a mobile office with a restroom, you will need to plan for plumbing as well. Be sure your site is close enough to access utility sources. If you plan on connecting to underground utilities, make sure to mark the sources prior to the delivery.

Ensure the Job Site Is Truck-Accessible

In order to receive your delivery, the truck needs enough space to safely access the job site. There should be enough room for the delivery truck to drive onto or back into the site and make any necessary turns to position your trailer correctly. Giving your local expert a sitemap prior to delivery may be helpful, so they can plan how the delivery driver will access your site and position the building before arriving.

Other Considerations for Your Modular Building

You’re almost ready for your delivery, but there are just a few more aspects you should take into consideration. Remember to ask your local Satellite Shelters expert to add steps or ADA-compliant ramps into your contract if you don’t already have a set. You’ll need one, or both, to access your building. If you need to hit the ground running once your building is delivered, ask about furniture packages to complete your mobile office. Finally, make sure to assign and confirm a site contact that will be on site to meet the delivery truck for placement of the mobile office trailer.

Satellite Shelters Is the First in Mobile Office Space

In addition to offering tips on preparing for the delivery of your mobile office trailer, Satellite Shelters can provide you with the exact modular mobile office that will best fit your needs. If you’re not sure what type or size of building you may need—or you need further assistance in preparing for your delivery—our team of local experts can help you out with any questions you may have. Contact your nearest Satellite Shelters office today!