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Myths About Mobile Offices

July 27, 2022 in Mobile Offices
Single-Wide Mobile Offices from Satellite Shelters

When you need additional space for your employees or your jobsite, mobile offices are a great choice. The benefits of mobile offices vs traditional construction are:

  • Less expensive
  • Offer a temporary solution
  • Quicker to install

These facts make mobile offices particularly ideal for short term projects or projects where it doesn’t make sense to build a traditional building.

But as with many types of portable buildings, there are quite a few myths about mobile offices that are lurking out there. If you’ve never dealt with mobile office trailers, that’s understandable—but Satellite Shelters is here to set the record straight. Here are five common myths about mobile offices and the reality behind those.

5 Common Myths About Mobile Offices

Mobile offices lack functional features

Mobile offices are simple, but that simplicity can lead to a perception that mobile offices are just a barebones, rickety temporary building with a door, walls, and a roof. But that myth is false: mobile offices can be equipped with a wide range of useful features. Here at Satellite Shelters, the following are included in our standard mobile office features:

  • Built in desks
  • 3×5 plan tables
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Electric HVAC unit
  • Metal or wood siding

Perhaps the biggest part of this myth is the perception that mobile offices are dimly lit boxes without climate control. But that’s not the case—our mobile offices feature bright fluorescent lighting and HVAC units that provide heating and cooling.

That’s not all, either! Mobile offices can be used for a wide range of purposes, and some model types and sizes are equipped with additional features. Some of our most popular mobile office features include:

  • Private offices
  • Open, accessible space for desks, tables, chairs, and more
  • Tile floors & drop ceilings
  • ADA restrooms
  • Janitor’s closet or coat closet
  • Built-in desks, file cabinets, and overhead shelving

Mobile offices aren’t just a budget temporary space. They can be spacious and functional in their own right.

Mobile offices aren’t customizable

Another common myth about mobile offices is that they come in one simple, cookie cutter size and style. Fortunately, that’s not the case and custom mobile offices can be designed to your specifications. In addition to the optional features discussed above—such as ADA restrooms and built-in desks and shelving—mobile offices can be further customized depending on what your needs are.

Mobile offices aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution (literally). Your standard mobile office comes in a variety of sizes and include single and double wide options:

Single wide trailer dimensions:

  • 8×24
  • 8×36
  • 10×40
  • 10×50
  • 12×60

Double wide trailer dimensions:

  • 24×60

Need something that’s even larger? Take a look at our S-Plex modular buildings, they offer customizable floorplans and more square footage for your team. Try our online size guide to see what building size and type will work best for your needs.

Additionally, you can customize your mobile office with a variety of furniture and accessories. At Satellite Shelters, we call these specialty products, and you can order everything from chairs and desks to fridges and stairs directly through us.

Mobile offices aren’t safe

One myth about mobile offices is that they are less structurally sound than traditional construction. We’re proud to say that is simply not the case. All of our mobile offices are constructed and installed to rigorous standards in a factory controlled setting. We ensure that local codes and regulations are followed for your area. At Satellite Shelters, safety is our top priority.

Safety goes beyond simple building integrity, though. You can add additional safety and security features on your mobile office, such as window screens, door bars and locks, and even a security system. Installing a mobile office means getting the space you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Mobile offices are just for construction sites

Mobile offices and trailers are a common sight on construction jobsites where they serve as break rooms, foreman’s offices, and more. Construction companies routinely use mobile offices for a good reason: they are a great way to add indoor space for the workers on the jobsite.

However, thinking of mobile offices just in terms of construction is limiting. Mobile offices and jobsite trailers are ideal for any industry that needs temporary space or a way to quickly add space without breaking the bank. At Satellite Shelters, we’ve worked with industries of all kinds. We’ve helped create treatment and administrative space with the Oklahoma City Veterans Hospital as well as worked with Colorado fire departments to fight the Cameron Peak fire.

All modular buildings look like mobile offices

Modular buildings come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t always look like a mobile office. Satellite Shelters provides multiple types of portable and modular buildings solutions depending on your needs.

For temporary projects, mobile offices are ideal. Looking for something semi-permanent? Our S-Plex modular buildings can be mixed and matched to your specifications. And if you need a fully custom solution, we provide modular building design for more complex projects that want the benefits of modular construction with full customization.

Get Your Mobile Office from Satellite Shelters Today

The benefits of mobile offices aren’t a myth: they are affordable, flexible, and a convenient way for your business to add additional space on your jobsite, project, or wherever else you may need it. Explore Satellite Shelters mobile office trailers or contact your closest Satellite Shelters office for more information. You can also request a quote to get started!