How Construction Trailers Help Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

July 14, 2011 in Mobile Offices
A man wearing a hard hat and glasses drinks from a bottled water.

From record-breaking heat waves to hot, muggy months, the “Dog Days of Summer” aren’t just uncomfortable—they can also be dangerous. To help arm you and your employees against heat-related illnesses while working outdoors, it’s important to understand the telltale symptoms of heat exhaustion, how excessive heat exposure can affect your body, and how an air-conditioned construction trailer or modular building from Satellite Shelters can keep you and your workers shielded from the summer sun.

Types of Heat-Related Illnesses

There are many different types of heat-related illnesses ranging from those that cause temporary discomfort to the generally fatal condition known as heat stroke. It’s important to understand when you or one of your team members is experiencing symptoms and when to seek medical attention.

Heat Exhaustion

This is a warning the body is getting too hot. A person with heat exhaustion may be thirsty, giddy, weak, uncoordinated, nauseous, or sweating profusely. Body temperature is usually normal, heart rate will be normal or elevated, and the skin is usually cold and clammy. Those most prone to heat exhaustion include the elderly, people with high blood pressure, and those working in hot temperatures.

Heat Cramps

Heat cramps cause painful muscle spasms in the arms, legs, or abdomen. Body temperature will usually remain normal, and the skin will feel moist and cool but sweaty.

Heat Syncope (Fainting)

Heat syncope is a sudden onset of dizziness or fainting after exposure to high temperatures. Skin will appear pale and sweaty but cool to the touch. The pulse may be weakened, but the heart rate is usually rapid. Body temperature will remain normal.

Heat Stroke

This is a serious, life-threatening condition that occurs when the body loses the ability to control its temperature. During a heat stroke, a fever rapidly rises to dangerous levels within minutes. Body temperatures will usually be 104 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Other symptoms may include confusion, combativeness, bizarre behavior, feeling faint, staggering, strong/rapid pulse, dry flushed skin, or lack of sweating. Delirium or coma can result from heatstroke. Victims of heat stroke must seek immediate medical attention as it can be fatal if not treated.

Construction Trailers with HVAC

No matter if you’re operating a remote construction site or expanding into outdoor areas without ample access to air-conditioning, having a cool-down space during the summer is important for you and your employees’ health. When you partner with Satellite Shelters, we can provide you with temporary mobile construction trailers or modular buildings outfitted with HVAC systems—giving you the cooled structure you need to keep the dog days of summer at bay.

Keep Cool with Air-Conditioned Construction Trailers

At Satellite Shelters, we want to ensure you and your team are safe when working outdoors during the hot summer months. Our mobile construction trailers can be equipped with HVAC to keep your workers protected. Get in touch with your local Satellite Shelters team to see how our mobile offices and modular buildings can help you get the job done!

Note: Heat-related illness information is meant as informational only and is not meant to substitute professional medical advice. If you believe a person’s life is in danger due to a heat-related illness, seek professional medical help immediately.

Updated August 26, 2020