When to Choose Pre-Owned Modular Buildings vs. New

March 19, 2014 in Modular Buildings

ML090524-004 - croppedAcquiring a Modular Building is a big decision full of countless factors to consider, but the question that tops the list is whether it is best to build a brand new building or to choose a pre-owned one. There are pros and cons to each option and numerous factors to be considered within your own organization before making this decision, but your Modular Building Provider will be able to help you along the way.

Naturally, one of the first advantages to utilizing Modular Construction is the time savings. Whether you decide to choose a pre-owned modular building or a brand new one, your average construction time will be cut by 30-35% over traditional stick-built construction and will allow you to move into your facility that much faster.

An advantage to building new, of course, is the ability to customize the layout and floor plan to your individual specifications. This also enables you to build with the latest technology and materials to create a state of the art building. However, as you would have guessed, building new is more expensive than utilizing a pre-owned building. Not only do you have the building costs to consider, but also the cost of the land that the building will sit on.

Buying or leasing a pre-owned building may be a better route for you and your company if you are worried about these costs. When buying or leasing a pre-owned structure, you almost always know exactly what you are paying for and how well the construction has held up over time, which is also a good indicator of future issues or maintenance woes you might experience. You also get the added perk of immediate usability since you will not need to wait for construction to be completed or any unanticipated building delays before you can move in. Given the fact that utilizing a pre-owned building may not be exactly perfect for what you intend to use the building for, a minor remodel or addition is much easier to work with than starting completely from scratch. Existing structures also have most amenities that you would need for a functioning place of business already set-up, taking even more of the stress off your plate.

These are just a few things to consider when you need extra space. For more information about our Modular Building Process, please visit our website.