Winter is Coming – Are Your Modular Buildings Ready?

November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

As the colder weather approaches – inches of snow already recorded in Northern Minnesota – it’s important to complete your fall & winter maintenance now, if you haven’t already! Here are a couple things to keep in mind that will help you save money on your mobile office and portable building rental over the winter months:

Heat Tape
If your building includes plumbing, be sure to plug in heat tape for the fixtures below the floor. If you aren’t sure, check with your temporary water supply service if you have water brought in weekly.

Heat tape will keep your fixtures above the water freezing point so pipes don’t crack, or worse, burst.

Have your HVAC serviced, coils cleaned, and remember to continue changing the filters monthly to keep it working at optimal performance.

Regular servicing of your HVAC unit will help keep all the inner coils and tubes clean, as well as making sure the oil’s acidity levels are correct and belts are working properly.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to change the HVAC filter on a Mobile Office from Satellite Shelters:

Water Leaks
Over time, water leaks can happen. While they don’t happen frequently, it’s still important to do a walk-through of your temporary building to make sure water isn’t leaking in or out. If you do this before temperatures drop below freezing, it can save you from further damage occurring from freezing water.

Check the building for water leaks from plumbing or along the mateline (the seam that connects two or more modules together). Look for dried water spots on the ceiling, floor, walls, etc. These dried water spots will be an indication that something may be leaking.

It’s not a bad idea to check the seam at the mateline on the floor and ceiling too. Your building may have settled, so a quick check that everything is still level can help save on water damage as well.\

Skirting is the material that modular building suppliers can install around the base of your building to seamlessly cover the space between the building and the ground. Installing skirting around the perimeter of your building will help block wind from passing under the building which can rob it of precious heat during the winter months.

For the Job-Site
Keep a bucket and scoop filled with a salt/sand mixture near any exterior doors. This will be handy during any snow or ice storms that may arise.

Completing these few quick maintenance checks before temperatures drop, can help keep you warm and service free!

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