Modular Medical Buildings

With ever-changing healthcare needs, medical facility managers are seeking a fast solution to space problems with minimal disruption to patient care. That is why so many facility managers have come to rely on the flexibility of modular construction, which can be deployed and operate much quicker than with conventional construction.

As your staff and patient needs grow, a reliable and cost-effective place to accommodate your medical changes is vital. Satellite Shelters can provide just that. We provide everything from modular medical clinics to modular hospital buildings in order to meet your unique demands.

Our modular healthcare buildings are used in a variety of different scenarios by those working in the profession. From behavior health facilities to physical therapy and primary care offices, you can keep your patients safe and healthy with our temporary building options. Explore our inventory of medical modular buildings below, or check out your local Satellite Shelters Branch today!

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56' x 60' Medical Building

*Some exceptions may occur. Medical Buildings not quite what you’re looking for? Search for other available buildings and find the modular solution that will work for you.

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