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Red sticky note with the text “Safety First” on it posted to a wall with chipping paint.

How Satellite Promotes Safety in the Workplace

Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is the cornerstone of every successful business, and the best way to do this is to establish a strong safety culture. A “safety culture” refers to your organizational mindset that prioritizes the health and safety of all personnel, promoting proactive measures to prevent accidents and injuries. At Satellite […]

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Al Hilde, Jr. 1933 – 2023

In loving memory of our founder Al Hilde, Jr., we honor a great man and the legacy he left behind. After an amazing 90-year journey, Al Hilde, Jr. passed away peacefully in his beloved mountain home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on July 28, 2023, surrounded by his family and cherished loved ones. As we reflect […]

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Multistory modular office building for the Rolls Royce company.

Constructing Multistory Modular Office Buildings

Modular construction methods are often leveraged to create quality workspaces quickly and cost-effectively for quickly growing and adapting commercial, governmental, and educational organizations. So it’s no surprise that the demand for permanent modular office buildings has been strong across Satellite Shelters’ regional branch offices in the past few years. When our team is planning and […]

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A person writing notes and using a laptop on a desk with a construction hat and level.

The Latest in Mobile and Modular Construction Trends and Innovation

As technology, consumer building needs, and construction costs continue to change, the modular construction industry is also evolving, taking on new trends, and innovating, thanks to the availability of new technologies. At Satellite Shelters, we’re on the cutting edge of the national modular construction industry, and we draw market insights and new ideas from our […]

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Modular office trailer in a graveled lot.

New vs. Used Mobile Modular Buildings

When you find yourself in need of a cost-effective solution for expanding your workspace temporarily, mobile modular buildings and office trailers are the perfect solutions! At Satellite Shelters, our mobile buildings and office trailers can be used as office spaces, industrial spaces, and even mobile classrooms, and our modular construction methods provide expedience and cost […]

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The Exterior of an S-Plex modular building with air conditioning in front of a cityscape or office buildings.

Benefits of S-Plex Modular Buildings

Here at Satellite Shelters, we’re proud to offer S-Plex modular buildings, semi-permanent modular buildings constructed from several individually constructed units. Like all of our modular buildings, S-Plex buildings allow for high customizability and functionality. In addition, S-Plex buildings offer the added flexibility of a semi-permanent (and even an expandable) structure! Whatever the exact needs or […]

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Top-down view of two people discussing printed architectural plans and information on a computer screen.

5 Things We Do Better – The Satellite Difference

Here at Satellite Shelters, we’re proud to supply a wide range of modular spaces for all kinds of purposes. We offer it all, including mobile office trailers and portable classrooms, permanent modular retail buildings, and even semi-temporary industrial spaces. With each project type and planned spatial use, all of our buildings are constructed with quality […]

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Men shaking hands on a buildsite. Hardhat and reflective vest.

Bringing Modular Construction Close to Home

When it comes to modular construction, one of the big benefits we often talk about is the advantage of the factory-controlled construction methods used in developing temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent modular buildings. Because the modular building process mostly happens in a factory setting, modular buildings can be constructed more quickly and cost-effectively than most standard […]

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The exterior of the Rolls Royce office

All About Custom Modular Building Construction for Offices

Are you exploring your options for getting a new or potential business site up and running or looking for a way to create more working space on your existing site? Modular buildings are prefabricated prior to on-site installation. This allows for extra-efficient construction in a controlled environment not impacted by weather or many of the […]

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A man working on an HVAC unit

Mobile Office HVAC Maintenance and Thermostat Tips From the Experts

Winter is around the corner, which means that colder temperatures are on the horizon. But cooler weather also means that it’s time to ensure that your modular building’s HVAC unit has been properly serviced to avoid any interruption to your heat supply. We’ve asked some of our top HVAC experts some common questions about HVAC […]

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