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Outside the Box: Modular Classroom Design Ideas

Enrollment at school districts, like those in Dallas, TX, and other parts of the country is rising at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, schools' budgets can seldom keep pace with growing student populations. As administrators look for ways to deal with shrinking budgets and growing class sizes, modular buildings are emerging as a quick, affordable. We've [...]

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5 Myths of Portable Classrooms

Overcrowded classrooms are forcing school administrators around the country to come up with creative solutions. Modular buildings are designed to handle classroom overflow efficiently and affordably, but administrators often face objections from parents and other community members. Most arguments against portable classrooms are based on false perceptions, but Satellite Shelters is here to bust those [...]

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Why Satellite Shelters for Education Building Solutions…

Education issues and concerns have been in the forefront of both national and local political campaigns, as well as in private conversations. Rightly so, we as a nation value our children and want the best for them. School districts face challenging budgets and growing enrollments which impact our children’s education.  When formulating resolutions, many of [...]

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Our Green Classrooms

On April 22nd, we will celebrate the 44th anniversary of Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day has grown in popularity and importance ever since. The idea for Earth Day started with a Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson. With the support of Congressman Pete McCloskey, they made the first Earth Day a resounding [...]

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Modular Classrooms for Different Needs

As August moves along, we are getting closer and closer to back to school season, but what if the summer wasn’t long enough to complete construction projects? Some schools won’t be finished by the time doors are set to open and the students and teachers will be left without traditional classrooms. Luckily, there is a [...]

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Satellite Shelters Teams with Perkins+Will to Offer Sprout Space™, Green Modular Classrooms

Sprout Space Modular Classroom, Side View Sprout Space Modular Classroom, Front View Perkins+Will, an international architecture and design firm, has chosen Satellite Shelters, Inc. to be the Midwest's premier provider for their new, high-quality modular classrooms, Sprout Space™. Sprout Space is a healthy, sustainable, and flexible modular classroom. Designed by the [...]

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